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Cameron Conaway, Executive Editor at The Good Men Project, is a former MMA fighter and an award-winning poet. He is the author of Caged: Memoirs of a Cage-Fighting Poet, Bonemeal: Poems and Until You Make the Shore. Conaway is on the Editorial Board at Slavery Today. Follow him on Google+ and on Twitter: @CameronConaway.


  1. I must submit one factual correction to Dr. Fradkin’s statement “Prior to 1994, there was no organization; only an amorphous group of therapists who every two years held a training conference.” From 1986-1991, in the State of California, PLEA (Prevention, Leadership, Education, Assistance) was THE first legitimate, legally recognized non-profit organization established by Hank Estrada, for non-offending adult male survivors of sexual molestation and abuse. Dr. Fradkin and several other therapist from today’s Male Survivor organization, were among the first to sign up to be listed as healing resource contacts through PLEA’s first national referral network. In May of 1991 President George H. Bush sent a letter of acknowledgment and congratulations to the PLEA organization, staff and contributions. We also remain in possession of hundreds of personal correspondences from across the country from male survivors whose’ lives were forever saved and helped by the existence of PLEA.

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