Legitimate Crepes: On the Use of Irony

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Drew Bowling is a writer, erstwhile photographer, and highly decorated factotum living somewhere in the United States. His writing lingers on language, gender, mental health, and occasional raves about outer space. Keep up with his fancy musings over on Twitter.


  1. I think there’s room for argument on whether irony is ineffective. If the ordinary Joe ReaganDemocrat watches Colbert “because he’s funny” and then watches FOX “for fair and balanced reporting,” how long will it be before he can no longer take FOX seriously? He will have to ask himself if the FOX News reporters are to be taken like a picture of an outhouse in a bathroom. Do they mean to sound like Colbert, or are they sincere? Just by making Joe scratch his head and ask himself that question, puts the necessary chink into the armor of the myth of media objectivity. So it seems that Colbert is successful, and not just in one grand-slam speech (it was good, wasn’t it?) but in his onslaught against the image of FOX as reliable, “truthy,” and even-handed.

    • Drew Bowling says:

      Yet Fox News remains the undisputed juggernaut of cable news and something tells me all those viewers aren’t just people tuning in to get their drip of daily rage porn, either. Colbert might be effective at planting the seed of dissent among a few viewers, possibly even succeeding at converting them, but Bill O’Reilly has occupied the top cable news program for *50* straight quarters. Obviously people still take him seriously in spite of Colbert’s wind up.

      If Colbert made Joe ReaganDemocrat scratch his head and ponder the big mysteries of truthiness, that spell didn’t last too long before Joe shrugged, smelled his hand, and then flipped back over to enjoy the next interview on The O’Reilly Factor.

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