A Child of Alcoholics Finds Serenity

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About Aaron Brinker

Aaron is a 42-year-old stay-at-home dad. He has a Bachelors of Social Work, and had worked in Social Services investigating child abuse. He considers fatherhood and parenting a privilege not ever to be taken for granted. His website Dadblunders is about being a mentor, parent, and father. He turned to blogging to continue to tell others about how important fatherhood is for children. Follow him on Twitter @dadblunders.


  1. Thank you for sharing your story….people keep so many secrets hidden from the rest of us….

    When I was a teen, I was exposed to someone who would go for a customary drink right after work…in the late afternoon, sometimes it was a glass of wine with a fruit and cheese platter….sometimes the glass of wine came with dinner….sometimes deeper into the evening, more glasses of wine would be ordered…other times it would be beer…..it was never hard liquor or mixed drinks….

    Your story reminded me of that feeling that I was there to be the drinking buddy, even though I did not drink or even like it….even a little bit made me feel flushed and palpitating and just wrong….yes, it is a terrible feeling to feel like you are responsible to watch over someone, even though that someone is much older….and truly out of anyone’s control….

    Thanks again for writing about the unspoken secrets….it’s horrible what children are forced to witness….

  2. Hi Aaron

    Thank you for sharing your story. 
    I often wonder why a person start to drink.
    And I have never asked why. 

    My father was an alcoholic but it was taboo to mention it,or to ask. Life went on as usual,and the family pretended not to notice.

    Only  one person  has shared with me the real reasons why he started using alcohol and later heroin. In a breakdown he cried:” my mother. My mother,she never took care of me.”
    And this young man had only met his father once.

  3. I became a drunk because I was genetically hard wired for it….

  4. Very powerful testimony, Aaron. It’s great that you are sharing your story. Everyone faces substance abuse in their life, whether their own or that of a loved one. People like you who bravely present their experience with honesty and candor help others come to terms with the issues in their own life. Great post! As always!

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