Smoke in Your Eye

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About Bryan Rory Brown

Bryan Rory Brown is a former student of GMP Weekend Fiction contributor John Warner. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee, where he teaches English. You can occasionally find him in the comments section of GMP under the handle @ThePaleKing74.


  1. J P McMahon says:

    Awesome story. I could almost smell a little Bukowski in there with the scent of Marlboro Light and Crucial Kush. Well, at least you’ll always have Mike Cooley at the 40 Watt together. I’m guessing that a lot of Drive By Truckers stuff crossed your stereo, accompanied by the appropriate brown beverage of course, to get over this one. Don’t burn your fingers!

    • ThePaleKing74 says:

      Thanks for the kind words, JP! Bukowski has definitely been an influence on my writing (the other, you can probably guess by my handle here at GMP). I’m a fan of the minimalist style. I just want to stress though, that although this short story is based on real life events, much like Bukowski’s work, it’s exaggerated for dramatic tension.

  2. So good, and so true.

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