The First Rule of Mentorship: Be Present

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About Roger L. Durham

Roger L. Durham is an ordained Presbyterian minister, a former business owner, and is currently working as a client development manager for Summit Energy.


  1. Beautiful piece, Roger.

    I only read one thing that had me think a thought that was different from your words…

    “And my hope is that they hear my voice when they ask themselves questions…”
    … my bet is that the natural progression of what you hope is that they will hear their OWN voices better in their own heads, b/c of the safety and presence that they FELT with you. Feeling the solid ground of your presence and attention that they are standing on enables them to feel into themselves better, as it becomes time to move from “Daddy said/ The truth is” to “What I think is…”

    Great job, Daddy.

    • You are right, Erin. I do want my guys to hear their OWN voices clearly, and to claim their voices as well. Thanks for the words.


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