My Eating Disorder Helped Save My Family

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About Julia Newman

Julia Newman is a fiction and a non-fiction writer living in the Boston area. She’s worked in film with Lena Dunham; has a collection of short stories, “The Loose Lip Brigade;” and once thought she was destined to become a Yoga Dance Instructor. She blogs at Feed Me Daily and designs snarky inspirational swag on Zazzle.


  1. AnthonyZarat says:

    Not all anorexia is related to body-image. Sometimes it is about brutal self destruction. Such people may see the disease as a solution instead of a problem. When reality reasserts itself and the illusion evaporates, the victim is often too far gone to come back. Physically, there is a tipping point after which no return is possible. There is nothing as heartbreaking as seeing the birth of a long awaited return to clarity, optimism, and hope … and then the merciless realization that the mind has saved itself, but it is trapped in a body that cannot do the same.

    Be careful when you say that anorexia is ever the solution, to anything.

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