Best of GMP’s Articles on Social Issues

Photo by Pierre Torset of a boy working in a ship-wrecking yard. From Of Ships and Men by Cameron Conaway.

From human rights abuses, to circumcision, to war, The Good Men Project has been tackling many of the issues central to the lives of men around the world. Here are a few of the editors’ favorites. 

Human Trafficking – The Other 20% – An exploration of the global trafficking of boys and men, written by Cameron Conaway.

Of Ships and Men – Cameron Conaway explores the human rights abuses in Chittagong’s notorious ship-breaking yards. Photographs by Pierre Torset.

Repeating Iraq’s Mistakes in Afghanistan – War correspondant Michael Kamber of the war in Afghanistan, which seems to have learned little from the war in Iraq. More of Kamber’s breathtaking photographs can be seen here.

The Success Myth – Noah Brand opens up about his greatest professional failure, introduces the theory of “The Success Myth” and counters the idea that there is no such thing as the female gaze.

Radically Moderate – Carl Pettit insists you should be passionate – even radical – in your dedication to balance and reason.

The Maccabeats: Good Jewish Boys Can Be Sexy, Too – Gaby Dunn investigates what happens when you mix pop music, sex appeal, and Orthodox Jewish men.

Like Any Other High School, But Without the Bullies – Mark McCormack spent six months researching teen boys in the UK. What he found was a culture of acceptance the defied cultural expectations.

March Madness and the Quaint Notion of Amateurism – Former pro player Liam Day explains how college basketball has become less about educating young men than about getting rich off them.

Why Do We Still Circumcise Boys? – Chuck Ross points out that as gender discussions of the past few decades have focused on female sexuality, we have lost sight on how society places limits on male sexuality, the removal of the foreskin serving both functional and symbolic purposes.


What’s been your favorite GMP article about the social issues facing men? Any that we missed from the list?


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  1. […] From human rights abuses to circumcision to war, The Good Men Project has been tackling many of the issues central to the lives of men around the world. Here are a few of the editors' favorites.  […]

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