Bikers Shut Down I-10 in L.A. For Marriage Proposal (Video)

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  1. wellokaythen says:

    Good thing L.A. only has light traffic. Otherwise this stoppage could be really inconvenient to a lot of people.

    “If only the ambulance could have gotten to the hospital faster, we might have been able to save him….”

  2. Get those morons off the freeway. This is just as bad as the idiots in Oakland doing donuts on the 5.

  3. No question there should be some punishment mixed with outright mockery at this guy for jumping through such a ridiculous hoop. Completely selfish.

  4. Ahhh c’mon. Lighten up folks. Nobody likes bikers, so of course everyone here is being negative. Should they be ticketed? Yes. They broke the law, but like Thomas Jefferson once said, “a little rebellion now and again is a good thing”. It wasn’t a 10 minute delay it was less than three, and in LA that’s equal to… well that’s the daily commute. If it weren’t bikers it was going to be something else. It was a proposal and if you can’t be impressed by some pink smoke from a burnout, well then I have to ask, where’d all the testosterone go around here?

  5. Hey guys, lighten up. With all the shit happening on LA freeways every day, finally a wonderful story that made a lot of people smile.

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