Caped Father and Son Photo Goes Viral

A father gains recognition for doing what dads do, being a superhero to his 3-year-old son.

How fantastic it is, to see a father son bond so strong that he is willing to not only don a superhero cape for play, but wear it in public as well. This pair, caught in a Toronto hardware store, have asked not to be identified. Both to protect the privacy of their loved ones, and because, as The Star reports, “It would interfere with ongoing cape crusading.”

3-year-old “F,” which is the initial of the younger of the superheros, “adores superheroes and capes,” according to his mother, an amateur photographer and the one responsible for the photo that has gone viral. After snapping the picture of her two caped crusaders she posted it on Reddit and they went about their day. When they got home later that evening they were surprised to see “thousands of hits and comments.” The photo has also been shared on Facebook, and a number of large media outlets have reported on it.

Mom also reports that father and son often wear matching Star Wars shirts, and even matching superhero underwear.

Although the family is happy that the photo went viral, “because it seems to have provided so many people with a smile,” they maintain that they wish to remain anonymous. They have also decided to donate the photo to SickKids hospital, which could use it for either charity purposes or wall art. They have also started, along with friends and family, to make tutus, knitted masks, crowns, superhero capes, and other such items to donate as well for the hospital to use for child patient dress-up.

Photo: resgestae/Reddit


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