Django Unchained and Jack Reacher Premieres Cancelled

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  1. Michael Philp says:

    I find this fascinating, and welcome. I would not have considered tying these events together, but clearly Paramount and the Weinstein Company did, and I respect them immensely for their response, I believe it shows awareness, maturity and forethought.
    I’m not going to deny that violence in the media has an impact on violence in society, a number of studies have shown that link. I think it contributes to gun culture and misplaced ideals and perceptions, and we do need to address that.
    Neo wasn’t cool because he was a nice guy, he was cool because he killed things – his enemies – which the movie manipulated us into thinking were our enemies, and he did it well. That’s how pretty much every action protagonist ever is made to seem cool.
    I don’t believe the answer is to ban violence in movies, or even necessarily tone it down. I believe the answer is education and a reconsideration of the values our society portrays in movies. Do we really need to continue valuing warriors as ideals? As a type of person, sure, I have no problem with them, but as an ideal?


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