NYC Grocery Store Launches “Man Aisle”

What would you stock in your “man aisle”?


Breaking News: Westside Market in NYC has launched a “man aisle.” Clearly, this is not breaking news. However, from a marketing standpoint, I do find a supermarket man cave intriguing. The grocery’s new dedicated aisle reportedly features: chips, beef jerky, steak sauce, condoms, beer, deodorant, razors and other so-called manly necessities.

Gentlemen, here’s my question for you: are you enjoying the new man-centric marketing trend, or do you find it annoying? Also, what items would you want permanently stocked in your “man aisle”? When I asked my husband this question, he replied with, “Do you want my short list or my long list? I’ll give you my short list. Planters peanuts, assorted chips, prime cuts of beef, eight different types of beer and single batch bourbons. Oh, and Nic, don’t forget the fine cigars.”

The more I think about this concept of specialty supermarket aisles, I think it’s brilliant! What do you think?


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  1. RedpineWI says:

    Milk, bread, eggs, apples, oranges, bananas, pineapple, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, limes, potatoes, broccoli, corn on the cob, carrots, peppers (various), meat counter with a broad selection, oatmeal, walnuts, etc. Fresh, nutritious, tasty, familiar food is manly. For the most part the man aisle already exists. It runs around the perimeter of most stores.

    Of course many real men like pine nuts, fennel, and cilantro. Claim most of the supermarket and farmers’ market for men, I say and do.

  2. I think that new it insulting. to insinuate that men get confused to the store. not to mention none of the crap in that row is what I shop for at the store.
    Speaking as father of 4 children.

  3. Someone should be taking notes. Does Peapod have a man aisle yet?

  4. J P McMahon says:

    High quality playing cards. A wide variety of hot sauces that must include Dave’s Insanity. Several varieties of canned and bottled gravy. A wide selection of draft microbrews, particularly local ones, dispensed into growlers which would also be for sale (Piggly Wiggly does this!). Fireworks, according to local law. Plastic cups and ping pong balls. A variety of pork cracklins. Domestic and imported pate’s, including foi gras. 3″ thick rib eyes and pork chops. All kinds of batteries. Work gloves. Lighter fluid and flints for Zippo lighters. 4 in one screwdrivers. Freshly made, refrigerated meat pies. The stock person on the aisle should look like a female member of the Olympic beach volleyball team, and dressed like them too.

  5. Gentlemen, here’s my question for you: are you enjoying the new man-centric marketing trend, or do you find it annoying?
    That depends on the intent of focus on men. Is it an effort to recognize that men actually do shop for groceries or is it more buying to this “end of men” stuff. If it’s the latter then I don’t find simply annoying but patronizing. Such intent is nothing more than trying to build up false insecurities in men and then score off their desperation to ease those insecurities (much like women and make up). If it’s the former then I’ll give it a go. it could be a simple attempt to focus on male shoppers and nothing more (focusing on a specific group is not inherently bad in and of itself).

    Also, what items would you want permanently stocked in your “man aisle”?
    But to go with the flow a bit I’ll give a few answers.
    1. FRESH spinach and mushrooms – Because on the real when starting with those two ingredients I can make about 2200 different meals. 4401 if just starting with one of them. Resourcefulness.
    2. Chicken – And I don’t just mean nuggets either. I’m talking fresh cuts. Because washing the chicken and freezing it in marinade is the truth. Take it out before going to work in the morning and its ready to cook when you get home.
    3. Rum – Don’t care what type of rum it is (as long as it’s not cheap but my standards aren’t too high, at least Captain Morgan though) or what flavor it is, I’ll create a way to drink it. (Seriously, I’ll chase rum with water if I don’t have anything else around).

  6. Joanna Schroeder says:

    I think it’s brilliant. We don’t exactly have a “woman isle” but in some ways the whole market is aimed at women…

    The “man aisle” for every man would vary of course. My husband’s would be: extra hot salsa, many varieties of chips, multiple varieties of salami, Dove for Men, and non-alcoholic beer.

    • When I go down the aisle of baby supplies, feminine hygiene, and family planning products at my local supermarket, I think I’m in the “woman aisle” to match this “man aisle.” I prefer the one your stock photo guy is shopping in; my man aisle has pineapples and Wasa crispbread, too. And ice cream. And hard cider.

      • I like how baby products, family planning, and indeed most of the supermarket (you know, all the basics for keeping your house clean, preparing meals for the family, and all the other boring everyday household items) is really a “aimed at women”. Because running the household is something women do?

        I contrast, a “man aisle” is all about toys, snacks, beer, personal health and food items.

        And here I thought we agreed that perpetuating the idea that men are just big children who leave all responsibility around the house to women was a bad idea?

        Anyway – I’d personally have no use for a “man ailes”. When I’m at the supermarket, I shop for the household, not for me. And, oddly, most of the stuff I need is pretty much the same as everyone else in the house.

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