Pregnant Boys: Chicago’s Teen Pregnancy Campaign Sparks Conversation

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Abigail is a graduate student at Emerson College in Boston. While she pursues her MA in electronic publishing and writing, she works as a freelance writer and editor and writes for the browser-based game, Alteil.


  1. It’s all about perspective. This should broaden the scope for young men and women. I’m proud of my city for forcing society to address both parties of unplanned pregnancy, instead of just the statistically quotable “pregnant teens”.

  2. Here’s an excerpt from my article and take on this ad campaign…

    State Raised Children? Hold Us Accountable

    Chicago needs our help. The City of Chicago has been fighting a war against broken homes, teen pregnancy, and violence for many years. Chicago has the 3rd largest school district in the nation and is an international hub of business, science, and industry. The city workers and public officials have taken it upon itself to raise and manage children through ad campaigns and public schools. State-raised children?

    There has been a shift; even the non-conformist community is offended by this latest ad campaign. As a Judeo-Christian conservative, I am truly offended by this ad. How about the rest of the working population in Chicago who must pay taxes to fund these ad campaigns and must drive past these ads each day, are they not offended?

    Chicago is an international hub of commerce, science, and industry and people from across the globe visit Chicago routinely and look at these state-sponsored parenting ads and are alarmed. Children look at these and are bewildered.

    Is it any wonder why other countries no longer want to do business with Americans, people do not want to visit our cities, and parents are pulling their kids out of public schools in droves? The entire world is looking at the US and the dysfunctional family as a disgrace. It is alarming that parenting and sexual responsibility has been given to the ‘state’ to fund and manage. If this campaign alarms you, please rattle cages and help the great Families of Chicago, otherwise this campaign may come to town near you.

    I recommend that every city, state, and public official in Illinois be docked one-month’s pay to be held accountable for this campaign. I would like the city, state, and national Board of Tourism, Dept of Education employees, Dept of Treasury, and the Obama Administration to be docked one month’s pay, as well. I also recommend vacationers and travelers avoid Chicago this summer while we help Chicago clean up it act.

    We can kill three birds at once: lower our debt, protect our children, and save our great cities. If anyone has any better ideas, I’m sure the nation would love to hear them.


    US Tax Payer

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