Zach Sobiech May Have Died, But His Music and His Love Live On

Justin Baldoni: “It’s not because you’re dying. It’s because of the way you’re living.”

On Monday, May 20, Zach Sobiech died of osteosarcoma while surrounded by his loved ones.

To say goodbye, he had written a song, “Clouds,” which has been viewed over 4 million times on YouTube. SoulPancake, which produced the above video as part of their show “My Last Days” by director Justin Baldoni, also put together a special version of his song just for him.

When Zach was diagnosed with cancer, he had less than a year to live.

“We did have an option of surgery,” his mother said, “but that would mean they’d have to take his left leg and half of his pelvis and he wouldn’t even be able to sit up. That’s when we got to the point where we have to make decisions about quality of life.”

Because of their brave decision, Zach was able to write and perform his music and lived the rest of his life finding the bright side of everything and loving the people close to him.

But we can’t tell you his story. Let them do that. Let him.

Click here to donate to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund in Zach’s honor.

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Video: Soul Pancake via Upworthy

Photo: Zach Sobiech/Facebook

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