Alone on Thanksgiving

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About Brandon Ferdig

Brandon Ferdig is writer from Minneapolis, MN. He shares his personal growth pieces, human interest stories, and commentary at his blog. He is currently writing a book titled New Plateaus in China, a compilation of travelogue, personal experience, human interest, and social observations from China. You can follow Brandon on Twitter @brandonferdig.


  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    When I was a grad student, I ran the fraternity house, in a manner of speaking. Was up to me, on account of schedules, to close it up for Thanksgiving on Wednesday evening. In our climate, that meant something. If nobody’s around and the heat goes off you don’t know it until the pipes burst. That sort of thing.
    Got done about seven and decided to get a burger at a popular no-class burger and beer place. Lot of people there. The quietest, loneliest, most desperate place I’d been or would be in some time. Felt guilty that I was going to be home in about an hour.

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