Why I Stopped Using the F-Word and Other Homophobic B.S.

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About LeRon Barton

LeRon Barton is a writer/backpacker traveling man living in San Francisco. His first book, Straight Dope: A 360 Degree Look into American Drug Culture was published in 2013. You can read him at mainlinepub.com and follow him on Twitter @MainlineLeRon


  1. James Patrik says:

    “See the thing about exposure and ignorance is that they cannot coexist”
    Love that sentiment man. Great piece, made me laugh in all the right places. Thank you for touching on how powerful our word choices can be.

  2. Kile Ozier says:

    What a damn fine article! Halfway through it, I was already all damn-I’ve-gotta-share-this!

    Well said, well done, well thought and presented. You give me something to which I aspire, full evolution.

    Thanks for this, and for walking your talk so eloquently and elegantly.


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