6 Ways To Damage Your Man’s Ego

trouble-114197_640According to science, and some dating writers on the internet, men’s self-esteem is constantly on the verge of total destruction. What can you do to speed up the process?

Originally appeared at BuzzFeed.com by Kate Heaney

1. Open the door for him.

2. Use the word “irresponsible” in his vicinity.

3. Beat him at a video game.

4. Beat him in a rollerblading race.

5. Pick on his sport channels.

6. Compliment his enemy.


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(GMP Editor’s Note: This piece is intended to point out the ways the media makes it seem like men are total chickens and super frail. According to the media, men will be brought to their knees by having the door opened for them – just the type of stereotypes we here at The Good Men Project love to explode.)

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  1. Theorema Egregium says:

    Thank you very much for writing “self-esteem” and not just “ego”.

    Self esteem is something very necessary for human beings to live in a meaningful and happy way, and certainly not unique to men; we all know women face self-esteem issues of the same severity as men. (Male) Ego, on the other hand, is popularly understood as something unnecessary, immature, spiteful, that only exists to make life harder for women. It is not supposed to be humored, and in fact must be destroyed. Hence the phrase “it is just ego”. Just.

    I know, strictly speaking those words are synonyms, but one is tainted by misuse and bad connotations while the other one is not. So again, thank you for using that term which still carries dignity!

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