How Helping Others Can Help You Find Meaning

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About Stephan Wiedner

Stephan Wiedner is a certified life coach and also the founder and “Head Coach” of, a professional coach directory that connects you with your ideal coach based on your personal goals and background. Noomii has hundreds of life coaches, business coaches, career coaches, and executive coaches in dozens of cities. Connect with Stephan on Twitter and Google+.


  1. Valter Viglietti says:

    Yours is very good advice, Stephan.

    Nothing lifts me (you? whoever?) up more than an “You made my day!” acknowledgment. :)
    (especially when I didn’t imagine my gesture would have been so meaningful to the other person)
    I grin from ear to ear. :D

    Some days ago I read about a girl, far far away from me, suffering from relationship and self-esteem issues. I felt her pain and I took the time to write her to say she was pretty, worthy and deserving to be loved.
    She replied saying my simple words helped her in more way than she could say, and she was inspired to improve her life and issues. I was so moved I cried of joy.
    Every day I smile when I think about my newfound friend whose life is getting better, just because I made that little gesture. And I feel like “Every day I help someone, is a day worth living” (and for someone suffering from depression myself, that’s not a small accomplishment).

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