Why I Am Not Reading Amy Chua’s Book, ‘The Triple Package’

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About Jennifer Ho

Jennifer Ho is an Associate Professor in the Department of English & Comparative Literature at UNC Chapel Hill where she teaches courses in Asian American literature, mulitethnic American literature, and Contemporary American literature. Her current book manuscript Racial Ambiguity in Asian American Culture considers various forms of racially ambiguous subjects (such as transnational/transracial Asian adoptees, multiracial Asian American authors/texts, and Tiger Woods). Additionally she is broadly interested in critical race theory and anti-racist activism.


  1. Thanks for this, Jennifer. I agree the narcissism in Chua’s world view is a perfect model for what intelligent, kind, accepting people want to be. Her lack of self-awareness is astonishing, her command of the written word modest, and her ego unbalanced. The title alone tells us that hubris has won her day. I also agree she has found a too easy payday here through fake controversy, but worse, she is now attention starved having played out the accidental Tiger Mom fiasco. This run at public attention is calculated, and thus all the more pathetic. The best response is to ignore her and hope she comes to accept that she is a poor writer and an insignificant academic.

  2. Bingo! Here’s my psychological take: Underscoring Amy Chua. “Amy Chua seems to be on a quest to outscore everyone. For my part, I will do my best to underscore her, in every possible way. ”

    Ravi Chandra, M.D.

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