#36: Poet

#36: Poet

I love a man who struggles every day to learn to live with the devastation of years of sexual abuse and torture. I’m not the only one who loves him. He has surrounded himself with an unconventional family, a group of people who devote their lives to showing him that the world is not the place he grew up in.

There are people on this earth that can change your life in the most profound way, I wish everyone could know this man. To be moved by his story, to be touched by his spirit.

He’s a poet with a poet’s soul; first writing to escape the unescapable, then for friends and those he loves. Now he writes to help others; essays and poems encouraging them to speak out about their own abuse or to know they aren’t alone. It’s become his mission to be an advocate so that others don’t suffer the way he has.

A hero is a man of distinguished courage and ability; it describes him perfectly.

—Photo Amy Loves Yah/Flickr


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  1. Shar Seiders says:

    You can read the heartbreaking and beautiful poetry and essays by my friend who I wrote this story for.


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