Fresh Whipped Cream Made Easy and All in Pictures

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Bruce Tretter helps people feel comfortable making practical, flavorful and quick & easy meals for themselves---even if they’ve never boiled water---through Gotta’ Eat, Can’t Cook step-by-step picture book and short video directions. He’s a father of 3, Former Naval Intelligence Officer, current school board member, and avid cyclist.


  1. Did you mean “at most a week” instead of “at least a week”? Normally a couple of days after whipping it will start to separate. Only when using the freshest of cream does it last that long.

  2. John Schtoll says:

    For those that don’t know if you want fresh homemade butter, just keeping whipping until in separates which will occur at about the 10 min point, just strain thru cheese cloth to remove the butter milk and voila, you have homemade butter. Of course I would change the addins for butter. I would add garlic powder to really good garlic butter

  3. I meant “at least a week”. You’re right, the cream does separate after a couple to few days in the refrigerator but, for me, that doesn’t mean it’s time to throw it out. I just stir it up with a spoon and have at it ’til it’s gone. All good stuff from start to finish. Thanks for your comment, Joaquin. Hope that helped.

    • Cool comment, John. Never knew making butter was really that easy. Thanks (though I’ll probably still “make it” by grabbing it from the grocery store refrigerator) – Bruce


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