Fresh Whipped Cream Made Easy and All in Pictures

Whip up your own fluffy dessert topping, easily.

What doesn’t go great with whipped cream? I have the measuring cup you see in this recipe loaded and good to go in the refrigerator whenever I need it. Fresh whipped cream goes great in coffee, on pancakes, French toast, or with fresh fruit—and it’s incredibly easy to make!



  • Salt: You’ll see in this recipe I use just a light dash of salt to oppose the sweetness and enhance the full flavor of the whipped cream. Adding salt is entirely optional.
  • Added Flavor: You’ll also see in this recipe that I add a good shake of ground cinnamon before whipping the cream. I started adding cinnamon recently and love it. Great warm flavor! I’ve also added pumpkin pie spice and chocolate powder. The bottom line: you’re only limited by your imagination.
  • Cooling the Bowl and Mixer Blades: Some recipes for whipped cream recommend cooling the bowl or measuring cup and mixer blades in advance for quicker whipping. I’ve done that, but find it’s not necessary, though I sure do recommend using the heavy cream straight from the refrigerator.


Preparation Time: 5-7 minutes


(makes about 2 cups whipped cream)

1 Cup (8 ounces) Heavy Whipping Cream
1 Teaspoon Sugar (or sugar substitute—I like using natural stevia, which is a fine white powder that comes from the leaves of a stevia plant)
1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
Light Dash of Salt (optional)
Favorite Flavoring (optional—I like using ground cinnamon)



Electric Hand Mixer (can be substituted with a hand powered egg beater)
Large Measuring Cup or Mixing Bowl (use a bigger bowl than you think you’ll need to avoid splatter)


1. Use heavy whipping cream straight out of the refrigerator because cold cream whips faster than warm cream.

Pour about 1 cup (8 ounces) heavy whipping cream into a bowl or large measuring cup. (If you’re bowl doesn’t have cup markings on it, just estimate.)

2. Add the following to the heavy cream:

An optional light dash of salt

1 teaspoon sugar (left photo) or sugar substitute (right photo)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

An optional good shake of your favorite flavoringground cinnamon is shown here

3. For safety’s sake, don’t plug the electric hand mixer into a power socket until first attaching the mixer blades to the hand mixer. You should feel the blunt rod end of the mixer blade click into place in the slotted sleeves.

4. Plug the electric hand mixer into a power socket.

Put the mixing blades into the cream, use your free hand both to steady the bowl and contain any splatter—making sure to keep that hand safely clear from the mixer blades, and turn on the mixer to HIGH speed.

Keep mixing and gently circling the mixer around the bowl edge until the whipped cream forms folds and can stand on its own.

5. Turn off the mixer and unplug it from the power socket.

Eject the blades.

6. Store freshly made whipped cream by covering it with plastic wrap and refrigerating for up to one week.


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Images courtesy of Bruce Tretter

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  1. I meant “at least a week”. You’re right, the cream does separate after a couple to few days in the refrigerator but, for me, that doesn’t mean it’s time to throw it out. I just stir it up with a spoon and have at it ’til it’s gone. All good stuff from start to finish. Thanks for your comment, Joaquin. Hope that helped.

    • Cool comment, John. Never knew making butter was really that easy. Thanks (though I’ll probably still “make it” by grabbing it from the grocery store refrigerator) – Bruce

  2. John Schtoll says:

    For those that don’t know if you want fresh homemade butter, just keeping whipping until in separates which will occur at about the 10 min point, just strain thru cheese cloth to remove the butter milk and voila, you have homemade butter. Of course I would change the addins for butter. I would add garlic powder to really good garlic butter

  3. Did you mean “at most a week” instead of “at least a week”? Normally a couple of days after whipping it will start to separate. Only when using the freshest of cream does it last that long.


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