100 Words on Love: Thunderbolt

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Steve Coruzzi’s first impression of the woman he loves is seared onto his vision like a bolt from the deep blue sky.

She walked confidently towards me, almost gliding above the cobblestone walkway. Chestnut hair that bounced off her shoulders with each step. Her pointed black shoes drummed the pavement in sync with my pulsating heart as she got closer. Her eyes, looking directly into mine—a blue so sharp they saw in me and past me. The warm sun from the early spring afternoon lit up her face as she finally arrived in front of me, a grand smile. “Hello.” The word softly sung from her lips in a Continental accent that was the last straw: Hook. Line. Sinker. Totally true story. Ten years ago this April 12.


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Image credit: paul bica/Flickr


About Steve Coruzzi

Steve Coruzzi, 43 years old, is married with two kids, 8 and 6, and lives in Newark, DE. He is on a continuing journey to discover the true nature of humankind through satire, sincerity, and sarcasm.


  1. Jim Klug says:

    Exactly the same with me and my wife. One look at her and I knew she was the woman I’d been waiting for my entire life. Great, huh? Not really. I was married at the time and she was with – and then married – a friend of mine. Long, painful years went by as we stayed friends, I was named Godfather to their son, I got a divorce, I tried to pretend I’d find someone else, and always – constantly, irrationally, painfully and unendingly – loved her.

    Miraculously, the time came when they separated and divorced – then, against all odds, we were together! With her 16 month old daughter, my 3 1/2 year old godson and the two of us, we were an instant family – and I was, for the first time in my life, fully in love and happy.

    That was 31 years ago this coming September and we will be married 28 years this coming November…and the immediate and unbelieveable love I felt for her all those decades ago still burns – brighter than ever. Love of my life – love of all of my lives, forever. It’s like I’ve always loved her – even before meeting her – and always will!

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