Drop Out Success Stories: 6/15

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Did you leave school for success? Tell us your story.

One of the most popular articles we’ve published follows this formula for a hit: simple, yet counterintuitive. The Case Against Saving for College suggests that a parent’s money might be better spent creating enriching family experiences for his children than saving for college tuition. Albert Okagbue (author of today’s post on The Good Life, Numb to Money) has also asked, Is a College Education Overrated?

Thomas Edison, no quitter, dropped out of school and became the poster boy for hard work and repeated failure as the path to success. Benjamin Franklin, another noted innovator, ran away from his print shop apprenticeship. Bill Gates famously dropped out of Harvard in his junior year after reading an article  in Popular Electronics magazine. There’s a whole list of billionaire college dropouts on Wikipedia.

What changed your mind about the program in which you enrolled? Was there any way you could have known before you applied, that you would not finish? Did you change your goals when you left school, or just how you would achieve them? How has your alternative to school enriched you and prepared you for success? What advice do you give young people in your situation now?

Your stories of dropout success are being solicited for an upcoming series on The Good Life. To submit your story for consideration, send it to Justin Cascio, editor of The Good Life, at justin@goodmenproject.com by Saturday, June 15. Questions, pitches, etc., also welcome at the same email address.


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