Funny Sex Stories: 3/2

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  1. Benji Paul says:

    That black ‘sculpture’ or whatever it is in the photo looks like a giant butt plug in the middle of a field. Anyone else catch that too?

  2. Word to the wise …. If you buy a brand new house and your master bedroom is above the garage and you have a cement driveway, be aware.

    We’d just moved into our first house which happen to be a track house. We’d been married for less then a year when we moved in. The street was lined with new homes and of course there weren’t any trees other then saplings.

    Weeks after we moved in, a few of our neighbors would make odd comments like. “Tom, sounds like you had a good night last night” One neighbor said something and made kind of an echo to what he said. Then there was the evening that a group of us went bowling. My wife in her excitement when she’d get a strike would scream things like, “Oh yeah baby, that’s the one!”. I thought it was odd when some of our friends would start laughing hysterically at what she was yelling. I mean she was cute and all but good gosh, what’s the big deal.

    Later that evening, my next door neighbor pulled me aside and filled me in. It appears that when my wife and I would make love and our windows were open, her screams of delight could be heard by anyone that was outside.

    Needless to say, we made sure the windows were always closed.

    BTW, 39 years later, she’still …….

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