Man Caves: 7/6

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Men, do you have a room of your own?

Perhaps “man cave” isn’t the pejorative it seems, but rather, it points to the age of our need to make ourselves at home. Once inside, the soothing colors, shapes, and sounds of nature are replaced with furnishings of human design, meant for our security and use. Wherever we live, we make our indoor living spaces satisfy our human needs: to perform work and engage in relaxing hobbies, to study and pray, to rest and exercise, to be alone and to socialize with friends, all in safety and privacy. When other people make our spaces for us—decorate, assign rooms to functions or family members—they are less likely to meet our psychological needs.

What do you need in the safety of your man cave? Do you have a place—a basement, den, bedroom, garage or office—that is yours alone? What do you most appreciate about this space, and how have you made it your own? What do you do here? How do you feel about having a man cave—defensive, proud, generative? Is your space respected by the rest of your family? Do you feel that having a man cave makes home life more peaceful for your family members, as well as yourself? Does having a man cave give you greater respect for the needs of others? What are the consequences of not having a room to which you can retreat?

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  1. Sean Lawrence says:

    The idea of a space of one’s own isn’t pejorative, but the phrase “man cave” certainly is, reducing anyone with any individual interests whatsoever to the level of a neanderthal, if not a beast.

    What ever happened to “study” or “workshop” or “studio” or even “laboratory”? When you read about men in nineteenth century novels having their own space, you don’t hear about how it makes them primitive, but about how it makes them civilized.

  2. Hell yes-
    Divorce is imminent, house is up for sale- I won’t miss her, but the yard and the garage full of tools….

  3. My Shed, I’d be lost without it. Kitting it out as a woodworking area, I also do my rc plane building, electronics, car audio installs etc. Very relaxing even though it’s hard work at times.

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