Mixed and Step Families: 12/1

Detonate the myth of the ‘normal’ family unit.

Blended families, step families, and other variations on the nuclear family are our realities, and reality is complicated.

Is your family complicated? Tell us your story.

What makes your family formation different from the mainstream nuclear ideal of a man, a woman, and their children?

How have divorce and remarriage shaped and reformed not only your family, but your idea of who and what family is?

Did you grow up in a blended family? What wisdom do you have for those about to create blended families of their own?

Are you raising a blended family with a current or former partner?

Have you divorced, yet continue to be regarded as a member of the family among your former in-laws? Are your new partner and child welcome in their homes?

Who do you spend holidays with? Who no longer attends family reunions, and why?

How does the evolving family shape men and masculinity?


Please send your stories of mixed and step families (as well as questions and pitches) to Justin Cascio at justin@goodmenproject.com by Saturday, December 1 for consideration. Accepted submissions will appear in an upcoming section on The Good Life on The Good Men Project.


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  1. Blended families w/ WWII Vets invariably included PTSD in 1950’s +. How has Grandparents’ generation shaped families since WWII? How are families shaped today? Is there hope for improvement?

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