The girls at dupont circle.

The girls at dupont circle.


Their naked fingers taunting me like

A plastic pot of 28 chocolate

Chip cookies on sale at Harris

Teeter for 3.99


I would crawl under their tables

At the coffee shops

To ask them out on lewd- and lascivious-filled dates


I must find my spectacles

The one before me with ears, intellectual relevant having lost her virginity at 12

On a Kindle reading Beckett soon a mom

Reading the Dialogues not of Plato but  of Popeye the Sailor Man Cartoons

To three babies

And fallen away from the parsons and the deacons and Pope Paul the XXIII and other popes

On her Kindle

Reading Aeschylus painted brown-turquoise her Bridgette Bardot fingernails

I say 12 prayers to God

Does He want me to crawl under her table

To discover her she?

I would, being Japanese and French and Tibetan and

Mongol and Bolivian and Antarctic.

About Tim Ruane

Tim Ruane is an artist and writer. He is a graduate of Georgetown University, where he studied English and art, and has worked as a chief copy editor in the editorial department of The Washington Post, where he has also worked as a freelance photographer. He has written hundreds of poems, two novels a number of short stories. His photographs have been published by The Washington Post, Simon & Schuster and The Good Men Project. He has shown his photographs at Potomac MD Public Library and is scheduled to be published in ShareArt LA, Circumfleks Magazine and Splinter Literary Journal. He will have an exhibition of his photographs in September at the offices of Prudential FedRealty in Washington D.C. Mr. Ruane lives and works in Garrett Park MD, just outside Washington D.C. USA.

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