100 Words on Love: Most of What We Talk About is Baseball


100 Words on Love by Henry Cherry

First time I went to a ball game, the old man handed me a scorecard and started explaining the rules and what I was supposed to do each time something happened. I might have been seven, eight tops. I looked at the bright grass filtering up in the outfield where Earl Weaver grew tomato plants. “You make this mark for a hit, and this one for an error,” he said. “Here I’ll show you.“ That was the last time I ever tried scoring a game. But he kept bringing me. Thirty some odd years later most of what we talk about is baseball.

Photo by Henry Cherry



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About Henry Cherry

Hank Cherry is a print and photo journalist living in Los Angeles with his wife and dog. He is currently in edits on his first feature length documentary. You can see his photos here- http://eternityismilk.tumblr.com


  1. I’m conflicted: I want to hear more, but I also want to just leave this glimpse as wonderful as it is. Thanks for sharing, man.

    • Henry Cherry says:

      There’s something more in the tomato plants. I as spellbound by the fact that a major league baseball team grew tomatoes in the stadium. Big ones. Thanks for reading!

      • Hank, there’s a story there. Certainly one has been written about those plants, but what about the boy and the old man and the tomatoes.

        You must.

        • Henry Cherry says:

          I think there is a story in that. The whole swirl of baseball to a kid as it compares through age. It’s like reading Faulkner, each go round you get something new. Thanks again for prompting me.

  2. great

  3. Dad has Alzheimer’s. His wry humour and warm affection are still there. We talk about birds and trees – our shared love of them. He can still spot a bird from 50 odd yards way before I do. He still calls me Duch and puckers up to kiss me. I have his hands, so does my daughter. We talk about the places we’ve travelled together and home in Germany. I love how he wears his Santa hat like it’s his SAS beret. Our love bonds us.


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