Dear Beloved Ryan Gosling

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About Jerry Jay Hewitt

My name is Jerry Jay Hewitt. I am currently a Senior (graduating may 2013) at the University of Connecticut as an English Major. I enjoy writing just about anything, watching movies, and cliff jumping.


  1. Terrific article: smart, funny, and an inspiration.

  2. Jay Hewitt says:

    Officially sent a letter to Mr. Gosling’s agent telling him about the essay. We will see how this goes haha.

    Also thanks so much everyone for reading and sharing!
    Jay Hewitt

  3. Yep, that about sums it up. He was in West Texas recently filming. It was all I could do not to leave work and go on a Gosling Hunt.

  4. Michael Nebab says:

    My man crush with him started after that scene of his in The Ides of March when he was flirting with Evan Rachel Wood’s character. When I was done watching, I couldn’t stop wishing I was this man. What a dude.

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