About Andrew Smiler

Andrew Smiler, PhD is a therapist in Winston-Salem, North Carolina (USA) and the author of “Challenging Casanova: Beyond the stereotype of promiscuous young male sexuality”. He is a past president of the Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity and has taught at Wake Forest University and SUNY Oswego. Dr. Smiler's research focuses on definitions of masculinity. He also studies normative aspects of sexual development, such as age and perception of first kiss, first “serious” relationship, and first intercourse among 15-25 year olds. Follow him @AndrewSmiler.

14 Things You Must Teach Your Son about Sex

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Andrew Smiler highlights 14 aspects of sexuality that every parent should teach their sons.

The Prom Tux: Turning Teen Boys Into Inexpressive Men?

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Andrew Smiler says the standard black prom tux limits boys’ ability to express themselves and believes this is a problem.

Men Defining Masculinity: It’s Not About Sex

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In surveys of nearly 40,000 men in 13 countries, character, self-determination, and work topped the list of what defines masculinity.

The Power of Men’s Love

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Andrew Smiler argues that men’s love is incredibly powerful and that American culture can’t deal.

I Want More Gay TV Weddings

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Andrew Smiler says the mass wedding at the Grammy’s shows how boring gay marriage can be, and that’s a good thing.

Death to the Roving Inseminator

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Andrew Smiler argues that the idea that guys are evolutionarily driven to just get laid describes a small percentage of men.

A Guy’s Guide to The Gender-Minimized 1st Date

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Andrew Smiler says flexibility is the key to minimizing the influence of gender on first dates.

New Year’s Resolution 2014: Raising Boys to Become Good Fathers

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Andrew Smiler says that in order to have sons who become involved, caring fathers we need to start teaching the relevant skills in childhood.

How To Size A Condom

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Andrew Smiler shares some simple tips about how to find your correct condom size.

Are We Afraid Of Men In Love?


Despite what the media shows us, Andrew Smiler insists that very few guys are in relationships just for the sex.

Five Suggestions for Talking to a Guy About Difficult Topics

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Andrew Smiler provides five conversational tips to help boys and men feel more comfortable during challenging conversations.

In Their Heads: The Possible Thought Processes of The White Guys Who Filed a Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

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Andrew Smiler speculates about how, when, and why social class can trump racism and sexism.

Consent 102: Clarifying the Gray Spaces

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Andrew Smiler offers three suggestions on how to leave the gray zone of sexual consent.

Parenting Preparation: What To Do Before You Talk About Sexuality with Your Son

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Andrew Smiler offers parents 8 things to consider before talking to their sons about sexuality.

Condoms! Condoms Everywhere!

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Andrew Smiler applauds the American Association of Pediatrics’ recommendations that adolescents be taught to use condoms and that condoms be made more available to them.

Three Ways Modern Technology Increases the Likelihood of PTSD Among Veterans

45th IBCT returns to Camp Shelby

Andrew Smiler says technological changes have eliminated the time American soldiers need to re-adjust to being home.