About Dan Griffin

Dan Griffin, M.A., has worked in the mental health and addictions field for over sixteen years. He lives in Minnesota with his beautiful wife and two-year old daughter and has been in recovery for 17 years. He wrote A Man’s Way Through the Twelve Steps (Hazelden) and co-authored Helping Men Recover. Do you want to read more of Dan’s writing and learn more about his work? You can go to: www.dangriffin.com.

Forum: Are You Afraid of Passing on Your Addiction to Your Kids?

Men’s addiction specialist Dan Griffin asks how addiction impacts the decision to have or deal with children.

Energy Drinks and Addiction [Infographic]

Can energy drinks cap the potential of one’s recovery and happiness in life?

5 Ways to Improve Men’s Addiction Treatment

Dan Griffin believes that addiction treatments will be more effective when we treat men as men.

Fathering to Heal

There is no way I can understand who I am as a father without understanding who I am as a son.

Rebuilding Intimacy After Addiction

Dan Griffin, on why intimacy, love, and sex are much more powerful together than they are apart.

The Sex Funnel

How much are you limiting your relationships by framing intimacy in terms of sex? Dan Griffin talks about his own experiences.

But How Am I Supposed to Be with Her Sober?

The first time Dan Griffin asks a woman out in recovery, the intensity of the experience is overwhelming.

Daddy’s Little Girl: Hush Little Baby

Daddy can soothe Baby to sleep as well as Mommy.

Private—Men Only

Dan Griffin thinks there’s a place for single-gender spaces, so long as the people involved are genuinely of good will.

Into the Arms of My Lover…..Sweet, Sweet Porn

Who do you turn to when you fight with your partner?

The Power of Powerlessness

Sobriety teaches a man the paradoxical power of powerlessness.

Working to Make a Life

Dan Griffin works to balance it all – career, family, travel, you name it. But at the end of the day, his work-life balance is focused on his family.

Table for One

Who calls and reserves a table for one in a restaurant? Dan Griffin has learned to enjoy his own company.

Fear Less

Being fearless consists of much more than denying what you’re afraid of, Dan Griffin writes.

When Trauma Triggers Are Everywhere: The Hidden Impact of the Jerry Sandusky Trial

It’s up to us, Dan Griffin writes, to decide if anything good will come out of the Penn State scandal.

Do I Hate Men?

Dan Griffin meditates on masculinity, fear, and the importance of always questioning your beliefs.