About Geoffrey Philp

Geoffrey Philp, author of the e-book, Bob Marley and Bradford’s iPod, has also written, five collections of poetry, a children's e-book, Marcus and the Amazons, and a short story collection, Who's Your Daddy? An award winning writer, whose work explores the themes of masculinity and fatherhood in a Caribbean context, Geoffrey is one of the few writers whose work has been published in the Oxford Book of Caribbean Short Stories and the Oxford Book of Caribbean Verse. His popular blog, geoffreyphilp.blogspot.com, covers literary events in the Caribbean and Miami, where lives with wife, Nadia and their three children, Anna, Christina, and Andrew.

The Story of a Reluctant Activist

Geoffrey Philp is a political activist who is dedicated to exonerating Marcus Garvey. Here’s his story.

Jamaican Gentlemen

For a revolutionary generation of young Jamaican men, the strong and available role models looked like the enemy.

Man Up! Lessons on Manhood from Bob Marley’s Music

Bob Marley’s lessons for men on freedom, responsibility, and living are greater and more profound than simply telling our boys to ‘man up,’ says Geoffrey Philp.

Perchance to Dream: My First Colonoscopy

Don’t worry, Geoffrey Philp says. His first colonoscopy was like a day at the beach.

Rain Lilies

Rain lilies remind Geoffrey Philp of a difficult man to love: his father.

I Love it When You Call Me Big Poppa: A Black Writer Faces Fatherhood

My wife and I had just received the best and most terrifying news of our lives – we were expecting a baby. I had just lost my job; how would I provide for my family as a struggling writer? Would I be able to be the father I wanted to be?