About John Manchester

John Manchester made a living as a composer for 30 years. Now he he writes for a numer of online publications, including Salon.com. His memoir of his father and the 1960s, Escaping the Giant, and his thriller You Can't Write About Me can be previewed at johnkmanchester.com. Also visit the Manchester Music Library.

Building My Father’s Coffin

John Manchester was dreading the fulfillment of his father’s last wish: that his children build him a coffin. In the end, he discovered that working alongside his son and other family members was the perfect therapy.

50 Years Later, A Son Relives His Father’s Tribulation At Writing ‘Death Of A President’

John Manchester remembers the day JFK was killed, and memories of his father, who wrote the definitive Kennedy biography.

No, You May Not Write About Me

John Manchester discovers that his novel contains more truth than his memoir did, and vows to continue writing…even if that means turning the truth of his life into fiction.

Son of a Famous Man

John Manchester, son of one of the most famous biographers in American history, reveals what growing up is like in the shadow of a man whose success changed the nation.

Bullying and the Cult of the Tough Guy

Mitt Romney’s bullying evoked a painful memory within John Manchester, as well as concern for the message we send by electing a bully as President.