About W.R.R.

W.R.R. is a survivor of 18 years of sexual abuse and torture. He started writing poetry at a very young age to escape the horrors of his life. His writing gives the reader a true glimpse into the psyche of a struggling survivor. He recently put his efforts into becoming an advocate, focusing on public awareness of the impact on survivors who endured incest, child sexual abuse, and human trafficking, as well as letting other survivors know that they are not alone. W.R.R. lives in the Houston area with a new family that love and support him on his healing journey every day. His hope is to write a book to share his story. His essays and poetry can be found at www.asashesscatter.com and he can be found at @AsAshesScatter on Twitter.

The Violence of Homelessness: A Young Male Survivor’s Story [Trigger warning]

W.R.R. escaped his father’s child sex ring only to endure the horrors of homelessness: illness, starvation, and yet more sexual violence. How does this survivor find meaning in his life today?

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When “Forgive” Is An Abuse Trigger

For some child abuse survivors, forgiveness is a path to healing. For others, being pressured to forgive only makes things worse. Don’t assume that you know which is which.

How to Help Someone Who Is Feeling Suicidal

People who admit to having suicidal thoughts are saying, “I just want the pain to stop.”

Bisexual, Pansexual, Born or Made?

A survivor of childhood sexual abuse knows bisexuality is real, but wonders if he was born this way or made.

Now I Lay Me Down

Why you shouldn’t tell survivors of childhood sexual abuse that they must accept God in order to heal or find peace.

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Hidden Ashes: A Male Survivor’s Fear of Men

Men who are afraid of other men: you are not alone.

The Seeds of Power

The abuse of power starts small.

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