Office Plant Dying

With life wilting around me, I dream of escape.

I used to work in a nice office, with a view of the mall parking lot across the street.  I had a door and a big picture window and my own refrigerator.  But the plants died because we were too busy to water them, and then the landlord of the office building quit paying the landscapers and the trees outside died.  I watched all this with some concern.  Finally, we were moved out of the office building and into another which was not as nice.  In this new office, I had a cubicle and no door or window or refrigerator.

I certainly liked the old office better, certainly in part because I had a door and a window, even though the plants died and the trees died.  Because in addition to the dead trees, I could also see planes taking off and landing at the airport and I could wonder where they were coming from or going to.  And wonder if I would get away someday, as well.


Photo credit: Todd Mauldin, used with permission

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