The Antifragile Teacher: 14 Low-Tech Teaching Techniques


John Faithful Hamer shares 14 ways to be an anti-fragile teacher.

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South Korean Education Ranks High, but it’s the Kids Who Pay


The South Korean education system focuses on hard work, but the side effects mean other countries might not want to replicate this.

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Guns on Campus: There Will Be No Artist or Doctor Once the Trigger is Pulled

guns on campus

Classrooms are places of genuine human engagement, debate, thought and passion. Guns undermine the openness and vulnerability necessary for learning.

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Here’s How to Get Kids to Remember Times Tables


Lots of kids have trouble remembering their times tables. Learning them by rote can mean a child knows the numbers but not what they mean.

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Poor Kids Have Tiny Brains, Right?


Kids’ lives are being altered and derailed because people often misinterpret research.

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Why Do I Have to Use a Number 2 Pencil?


Could it be: A) Because science! B) Due to unexplainable circumstances C) By the power of GreySkull D) Another way to mess with students’ heads. Please shade your answer in completely and do not mark outside of the shading area.

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How Kids Choose Colleges Today

The Big Decision by J Clement Wall

Is your student bewildered by college options? Or does it all boil down to this?

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What’s the Optimum Amount of Homework for Your Teenager?


A new study has suggested the answer is one hour a day. But that might not be right for everyone.

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Making Schools Safer and More Welcoming for LGBTQI Students


The Australian curriculum is completely silent on the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersexed (LGBTQI) students and discusses sexuality only in terms of the biological.

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Self-care: A Missing Component of Teacher Development

teacher care

Schools and school systems must provide the space necessary for educators to take care of themselves – or risk losing them.

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Ticking the Sex Box to Close the Gender Gap


Will boys vs girls at school ever close the gender gap?

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Skull Measurements, Achievement Data And The Destruction Of The Public School System


William Boyle on the history of eugenics, and how it’s still harming our kids today.

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Deleting the “R” Word, What Men Can Do

college men

As dads, brothers, sons, teachers and coaches we have the influence to make the “R” word a thing of the past.

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Is Being The “Storied Man” In College Worth It?


College is a new opportunity to completely rebuild your reputation.

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Billions of Education Dollars Left Unused


Students are failing to ask for financial aid

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