8 Pieces of Advice Nobody Else Will Give You About College


What every guy needs to know about college and future possibilities.

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Hey Dad, What’s the Best Age for Teaching your Kids Another Language?


Easier than it looks? The Florence Myles on picking up a new language.

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A Teacher Uses ‘Star Trek’ for Difficult Conversations on Race and Gender


The stories and characters in Star Trek blend the past and the future with the complex problems we face today.

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Want to Help Your Children with Literacy and Brain Development? Try Music!


Kids might think music lessons are a waste of time. But musical training has been shown to improve literacy, memory, learning and verbal intelligence.

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Mandela’s Belief that Education Can Change the World Is Still a Dream


Two years after Nelson Mandela’s death, the challenge remains to use education to change South Africa and the rest of the world.

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Dads, It’s Time to Apply Good Office Habits to Our Children’s Classrooms


Children shouldn’t sit at desks all day. They need to stand, walk, and move around — just like we should do at work.

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Where Adjuncts Go When the Music Stops

Screen shot 2015-07-18 at 12.15.14 PM

Most universities in the United States could not open their doors without cheap adjunct labor. But where do those adjuncts go when the system breaks them?

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Workaholism isn’t a Valid Requirement for Advancing in Science


Despite macho career advice, it’s time for scientists – and everyone else – to understand that the point is to work smarter, not longer and to strive for a realistic and livable work/life balance.

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What is Behind the Magic of Sesame Street?


A recent study concluded that children who watched Sesame Street in the 1970s fared better in school. Why?

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Kids Prefer Math When You Let Them Figure Out the Answer for Themselves


Rather than having teachers instruct students on solution methods, many students prefer to work out solutions by themselves or by working with other students.

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Is Student Loan Debt Really a Crisis?


For many borrowers — particularly those with advanced degrees — a high debt is far from a crisis.

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Tapping into Kids’ Passion for Minecraft in the Classroom


Minecraft is not just the world’s most successful PC game – teachers are now using it in the classroom to get kids excited about learning.

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Teachers on the Frontline Against Terror


What should schools do about radicalisation? From July 1, schools in the UK have a legal duty to prevent pupils being radicalised.

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Bernie Sanders is Right: College Should Be Free For Everyone


No one deserves a lifetime of debt.

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4 Easy Ways to Invest in Yourself


Be the best you can be. That’s an admirable goal!

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Learning to Learn: 10 Steps to Becoming a Lifelong Learner

learning to learn

The most important thing we can learn is how to keep learning.

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