Is the Key to Closing the Achievement Gap Found In… Nebraska?

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Jennifer Berkshire (EduShyster) talks to Education Cities’ Ethan Gray about the new Education Equality Index, and challenges him to accompany her to the #1 gap-closing city in the USA: Omaha, Nebraska. (Spoiler alert: he accepts!)

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Major: Debt

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Students are told from a young age that the only way to get ahead is to go to college. And that’s bad advice, says writer Neil Swidey, in an interview with Jennifer Berkshire.

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An Idea Changes A Neighborhood


Education changes lives and minds of people. Ken Goldstein asks you to join him in making the stride to increase opportunities of learning.

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The System Works*

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If schools produce dramatic gains but leave students feeling scared, and scarred, are they still successful? An eighth grader poses some tough questions…

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How Mobile Phones are Disrupting Teaching and Learning in Africa

african children

It is important to have a clear school policy on pupil phone use, to inform parents about this and to explain the reasoning behind it.

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Lift Off – Harvard Grad’s Commencement Speech Goes Viral


Donovan Livingston’s speech in poem form recounts the difficulties black Americans have historically faced seeking an education.

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What if Young People Designed Their Own Learning?

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Imagine a school with no year levels or set curriculum – could it work?

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Why Bullying Needs More Efforts to Stop it

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Bullying leads to both short-term and long-term adverse consequences.

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Passive Learning: The Forgotten Skill

passive learning education skill

Learning is only enjoyable when you remember to have fun with it.

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Reading to Your Child: The Difference it Makes


Dads, you can make a difference in learning and development for your children when they read with you.

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6 Questions to Ask Children Concerning Their Education

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If we can begin to have some casual conversations about what we take for granted we can come to a place where we see life for the wonderment that it is.

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Another Crazy Idea that Just Might Totally Improve Education

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Giving classroom teachers time to reflect on their craft, offer students meaningful feedback, and plan awesomely grand lessons will require a radical change to the status quo.

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The Most Powerful Lesson My Students Ever Taught Me

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Middle school teacher, Wisdom Amouzou, shared with his students an emotionally traumatic story from his past. The result? Healing and empowerment for all.

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When the Teacher is the One with ADD

kid with teacher in classroom

It’s really unfair to call this a “disorder.” What I lack in efficiency, I make up for with creativity and intellectualism.

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Wanted: Support for First Year Teachers

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The first year teaching can feel like trying to complete the LSAT while running a marathon, all under constant threat of bear attack. A different approach to supporting first-year teachers is needed, stat.

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The Best Kept Secret to Hiring a Lawyer for Free

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More than 80% of low-income people lack the needed legal counsel for civil cases.

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