Bravery in the Ivy League


Kyle Ashlee discusses the reality of discrimination at Dartmouth College and the importance of student activism in creating change at a school that is often thought to be perfect.

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On the Pittsburgh Stabbing: “Boys are always stabbing and shooting up schools.”

High School Stabbings

Another massive act of violence has been perpetrated against our nation’s students. Why aren’t we mentioning education in our talks about prevention?

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Sex Education, Please

young couple

The worst case scenario of a poor sex education is not an unhealthy sexual identity. It’s the unplanned birth of a child.

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The Myth and False Lesson of Independence


Why are we afraid of teaching young people how they relate to the network of human interaction? Why do we value our independence over our dependability?

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5 Annoying Things Male Teachers Hear


Teaching is still considered to require or reward qualities we consider inherently feminine.

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The Valuable Lesson of Mortality

Memento Mori

The questions we dread are the same ones everyone else dreads. They’re better asked and contemplated in community.

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Five Twitter Chats That Will Make You a Better Educator

Twitter Chats to Make You a Better Educator

Edmund Adjapong shares how educators can use Twitter chats as a free resource to learn and grow in their professional development.

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The Poetry Posse

empty shelves

Elliot Silberberg remembers when, in an attempt to protect a town from certain thoughts and ideas, a poetry collection was censored into oblivion.

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Education Is Unmanly


The first male in his family to attempt college will often find himself pestered about his masculinity.

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Looking for my Voice as a Gay Teacher


Chris Friend has a teachable moment after his classroom is vandalized with homophobic slurs. All of a sudden, his own private life is the teachable moment.

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Nobody In My Life That Cares About My Future


Some young people of the underclasses are so courageous that they don’t even know it.

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Sincerity Is All That Matters

Don't judge a student by his shoes.

Gregg Primo Ventello recalls a student who reminded him that clothing and degrees don’t make the man.

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Without Rain There Can Be No Rainbows

rainbow new zealand

Rural New Zealand, 2003. An excerpt from Ryan Chin’s book about the importance of role models.

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Top 3 Education Myths and How They Affect Men

education slippery

What would happen if we admitted most of what we say to young people about education is false?

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Hope in What Work We Do

Even an empty classroom holds hope.

Michael Copperman talks about the hope and rewards that come from teaching at-risk students.

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Reading Is For Girls


If you believe reading is emasculating, guess what? You’re right.

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