Why Bullying Needs More Efforts to Stop it

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Bullying leads to both short-term and long-term adverse consequences.

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Passive Learning: The Forgotten Skill

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Learning is only enjoyable when you remember to have fun with it.

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Reading to Your Child: The Difference it Makes


Dads, you can make a difference in learning and development for your children when they read with you.

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6 Questions to Ask Children Concerning Their Education

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If we can begin to have some casual conversations about what we take for granted we can come to a place where we see life for the wonderment that it is.

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Another Crazy Idea that Just Might Totally Improve Education

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Giving classroom teachers time to reflect on their craft, offer students meaningful feedback, and plan awesomely grand lessons will require a radical change to the status quo.

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The Most Powerful Lesson My Students Ever Taught Me

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Middle school teacher, Wisdom Amouzou, shared with his students an emotionally traumatic story from his past. The result? Healing and empowerment for all.

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When the Teacher is the One with ADD

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It’s really unfair to call this a “disorder.” What I lack in efficiency, I make up for with creativity and intellectualism.

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Wanted: Support for First Year Teachers

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The first year teaching can feel like trying to complete the LSAT while running a marathon, all under constant threat of bear attack. A different approach to supporting first-year teachers is needed, stat.

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The Best Kept Secret to Hiring a Lawyer for Free

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More than 80% of low-income people lack the needed legal counsel for civil cases.

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Should Schools Provide Free Breakfast in Classrooms?

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Does the place of breakfast matter?

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The Most Important School Subject? How About History

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Schools should recognize their purpose is not solely to turn out good, little “workers;” their mission is to give young people the knowledge and wisdom to thrive as humans.

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The Man Who Taught Infinity: How GH Hardy Tamed Srinivasa Ramanujan’s Genius


The genius of Srinivasa Ramanujan.

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Education Vitals Check: Life Skills Needed

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Our economy has changed, rapidly and irreversibly. Schools need to reflect that reality in how we approach education.

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Mr. Hall’s Future Opus – Failure Isn’t Final

Baliol College at Oxford U.

Falling from higher education diminishes self-esteem. Author Andy Hall found the life lessons were his saving grace.

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From the Club to the Classroom: All That Jazz is Good for the Kids

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Jazz in the classroom not only teaches children to play instruments; they may also learn a range of essential life skills.

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Simply Punishing Students for Bullying Will not Address the Problem

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Anti-bullying laws can both help and hurt students.

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