My Life of Suicide

My Life of Suicide by Karl-Ludwig Poggemann

Ray Jennings knew he needed to end it. But that was only the beginning.

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The Matrix of Race and Privilege

Screen shot 2015-07-26 at 8.28.48 PM

For Steve Harper, the question of, “When did you first realize you were White?” is only the beginning.

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I Don’t Have a Father

I Don't Have by Jake Stimson

Jordan Becker didn’t get what he needed from a father. But he’s going to make a great dad.

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Ideologues, Realists, Idealists, and Killjoys


Only idealists have the moral courage to deal with the world as it is and strive for the better world of their dreams.

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The Cool Kids Aren’t Always Right


John Faithful Hamer on some cool kids of the past, and how they weren’t always on the right path.

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What Bill Cosby Means for Hillary Clinton


If the rape allegations against Bill Clinton are true, Hillary Clinton needs to get on them right now.

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What Is Good? Inside the Conversation at The Good Men Project

good on tv

There’s bad news. There’s good news. And then there’s the kind of conversation we have here on The Good Men Project.

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Why Donald Trump Doesn’t Have The Guts To Really Run For President

Donald Dump

Matthew Rozsa explains why Donald Trump isn’t really going to run for president.

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How to Intellectually Turn Gold into S**T

Screen shot 2015-07-14 at 1.33.04 PM

John Faithful Hamer reflects on being disappointed with today’s “intellectuals”.

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Can You Ever Get Over the Hurt From Abuse?

Can You Ever by Patrick Emerson

I’m married to a man who has broken my wings. Can our relationship heal? And can I fly?

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The Courage To Change


Change, even positive change, is hard for people to embrace. It’s a shift away from what they do and how they think; and, more importantly, it’s a shift away from who they are.

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Fall Down a Child, Rise a Man

Screen shot 2015-07-13 at 1.50.30 PM

So much of who we are comes from our childhoods; how we learn to deal with pain, how we learn to cope, and how we learn to overcome.

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Somewhere Between Free Speech and Hate Speech

Mind the Gap

“The gap between writing with hatred and writing with mindfulness and altruism is really wide.” A discussion of the nuances of that gap.

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How to Maintain a Happy Workforce: An Interview with TINYpulse


Matthew Rozsa’s interview with the CEO of TINYpulse, a company that is revolutionizing how employers and employees interact with each other.

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I Married an Abuser: Should I Try to Salvage My Marriage?

Screen shot 2015-07-11 at 11.31.09 PM

Is there hope for a relationship afflicted with abuse? Chris Armstrong doesn’t think so, and here’s why.

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