Rethinking Your Hatred of the Elf on the Shelf: Christmas Has a Long Tradition of Being a Little Creepy

Be Good Elf on the Shelf

The Elf on the Shelf—creepy or not creepy? Kelly McQuain thinks not.

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Finding Solace and Light After the Gabby Giffords Tragedy

Finding Solace by Gabby Giffords

Matthew Rozsa meditates on what we lost when Gabby Giffords was shot … and what we can still hope for.

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If My Boyfriend Cheats, Please Don’t Tell Me

If My Boyfriend by Conny Liegl

Adiba Nelson knows you might hate her for saying this, but if her man is unfaithful, she’d rather not know. And if yours is, she won’t tell you.

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When You Respect Police But Don’t Trust Them

ferguson respect but dont trust

Jayme Watson reflects on why he is so frustrated with the systematic assumption of guilt applied to men of color.

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Some Things I’m Afraid All Men May Fear

Some Things by Craig Sunter

Here are some things Jay Snook fears as a man. Do you fear them, too?

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How Unconscious Racism Kills

racism is taught

An Integrative Psychiatrist on how we create racism, how our brains work on racism, and how we can train our brains to break the cycle.

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‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ Meets ‘Die Hard': Santa Packing Heat At Georgia Gun Club

Santa - Gun - GMP

May as well join Mike Kasdan’s ‘Caption This Photo’ contest!

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The Simple 3-Step Relationship Reboot

The Simple 3-Step by fromsandtoglass

Just in time for New Year’s, you can resolve to reboot your relationship now, and the best part is, it’s easy.

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A Theory on the Role of Love in Abuse

A theory by Eliza

Both abusers and victims claim they love and are loved by their partners. Thomas Fiffer tries his best to explain why.

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What I Fear As A Black Man In America


LeRon Barton talks about what he fears—not for himself, but for the boys still coming up.

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Rolling Stone and UVA: The Intersection of Journalism and Victim Blaming

Rolling Stone - GMP

Christopher M. Anderson uses Rolling Stone’s recent retraction about their University of Virginia story about on-campus rape to underscore the crucial need for responsible journalism in cases involving victims.

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What Is a Civil Rights Movement? Just Look at What People Are Saying in 2014


21st century change. #ICantBreathe #ferguson #HandsUpDontShoot

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A Washington Fan Responds to Fans’ Hate Mail to Navajo Activist

Native American family protests at Washington vs Vikings game in Minneapolis.

Ramone Romero, on why Redsk*ns’ fans should #ChangeTheName.

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Separating the Artist from Their Offensive Content


How do you reconcile your personal values with supporting artists whose content promotes a world you don’t want to be part of creating?

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An Open Letter to Sabrina Rubin Erdely

An Open Letter by NapInterrupted

UVA rape survivor Elisabeth Corey has something to say to Sabrina Rubin Erdely and Rolling Stone about reporting on trauma.

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Yes, It’s Possible For a Man to Be Raped by a Woman. Here’s Why You Need to Care.


There are a lot of myths surrounding female-perpetrated rape, and that results in dismissal and even mockery of male victims. LaShawn Pagán takes on the myths.

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