How Can You Call a Movie ‘Mainstream’ if it Only Has White People in It?

while we're young

Billy Flood thinks he shouldn’t have to erase his culture in order to enjoy a film.

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5 Reasons We Become Parents

5 Reasons by Shane Adams

Mike Berry writes from the heart about why we have kids.

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Stepping Outside Our Comfort Zones

comfort zone

As a habitual wanderer, Tim Mousseau has learned a few secrets to personal growth. His biggest lesson—living in repetition & comfort zones breed mediocrity.

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You Were Raped? Prove It.


Let’s understand — and help other people understand — that this is our problem, everyone’s problem, not just the problem of a few.

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On Staying Alive Despite Being Black


LeRon Barton on “The Talk”, and the sobering idea that murdering a black man is almost legal.

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Escaping From My Father’s Violence

Escaping From by Feans

Ty Phillips grew up under the shadow of violence. But he’s made sure it doesn’t darken his own home.

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Friendship and Neediness


To truly understand your potential, you must first accept your failures.

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Stop Being Flaky!


Millennials need to stop being flaky. There is no excuse for this generational habit.

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Are You Being Emotionally Abused?

Are You Being by Eric Chan

Emotional abuse can be subtle and hard to recognize. Psychologist Dr. Robert Simon presents a clear definition and explains the ‘spectrum’ of domestic violence.

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Me? Entitled? You Must Be Talking About Somebody Else

Me Entitled by Sarah

Jenny Kanevsky takes a hard look at her behavior and realizes the opposite of entitlement is respect.

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Being an Ethical Consumer


Patrick Paglen explains how we are ethically accountable for the spending choices we make. “That was an interesting encounter,” my friend observed as we came out of the service station. He was paying for gas for our car trip, when he ran into someone he had not seen since he was a teenager – not […]

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6 Reasons Why Being Called “Cis” is Not Oppressive

man woman sign

James St. James challenges the notion that the term “cisgender” adds to divisions between people, and suggests the term can help encourage healing.

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They Tried to Take My Voice, I Took It Back


As a male survivor of sexual assault, Tim Mousseau followed a pattern of staying silent—until he took back his own voice.

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A Moment of Kindness

A Moment of Kindness by The National

Keaton Hamin is only nine, but this young hockey player knows the meaning of empathy, generosity, and support.

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What I Need YOUR Sons to Know About Rape

the hunting ground

I’ve talked to my daughter, but what I really need is for YOU to talk to your sons!

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Watch This Comedian Redefine Comedy #BeThePunchline

Watch This Comedian by Michael Jr Comedy

“My punchline is to make laughter commonplace in uncommon places.”

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