Just Do the Thing You’re Doing—How to Say Yes to Your Full Potential

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To reach your full potential, you have to say yes to the moment—right this moment.

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Add Your Voice to the Changing Perceptions of Men and Masculinity


Lend us your words. We talk every day about the personal growth of men, the societal pressures on men, how the world is changing as it reflects on the male identity, and how men evolve and help change the world.

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I Thought I Was Alone, and Then I Met the World—A Survivor’s Story

I Thought by Christopher Sessums

Suzanna Quintana wrote some words that helped her understand narcissistic abuse. She had no idea how many survivors’ lives she would touch.

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Together, But at What Price? Anglican Ruling Against Same-Sex Marriage Marginalises US Church

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After painful negotiations, leaders of the Anglican church have decided to “walk together” in spite of having deep differences on the subject of marriage.

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5 Reasons Your Kids Don’t Need You to Be Awesome

5 Reasons by Dani Vazquez

Mike Berry reminds us that being present, not providing, is the key to being a great parent.

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Do K12 Students Matter in this Election?

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If you’re paying attention to the debates for 2016 POTUS, the topic of K12 Education is apparently irrelevant.

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Andrew Meditates on the Meditations

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“The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing”

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Now This is the Graceful Way to End a Toxic Friendship

Now This by Arjan

Daniel Dowling had a friend whose influence became toxic. Here’s what he wrote when he had to say goodbye.

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A Dear Not-John Letter

corrie-courageous-bonhoeffer top

Bronwyn Lea implores men to do their part to stop sex trafficking.

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Face Your Own Lies For A Chance At Freedom

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“Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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Unofficial Suicide

army medal (2)

Has suicide been deemed a less urgent issue than sexual harassment by the U.S. military?

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Why This Fan Gave Up the NFL for a Year

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Tracy Cipolla’s open letter to the NFL reminds us of the things that really matter off the field.

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What Men Can Learn from ‘Asking’ in Terms of Trust and Living Authentically


Men should ask for help, not fear being vulnerable, and trust people, all in the aim of living authentically, says Maureen Campion of Amanda Palmer’s Asking.

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Building Blocks to Becoming a Better Man: Part 3–Discipline and Rest

Building Blocks by Emilian Rober Vicol

Men need discipline to do their best work and rest to reboot the body, mind and spirit.

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25 Virtues Found in the Best of Men

25 Virtues by michael kooiman

What are some of the best qualities we find in men? Chuck Chapman has a list.

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Why I Decided to Skip Work to Take a Walk

Why I Decided by Maurits Verbiest

It took a wake up call and an (almost) missed opportunity to refocus Mike Berry on his real priorities.

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