A Thanksgiving Testimony: How a Man Walked the Bridge From Fear and Destitution to Faith and Abundance


For Joe Rutland, when miracles happen, finding gratitude isn’t difficult. He just has to see them first.

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This Thanksgiving, We Need to Welcome as We Were Welcomed


On the anniversary of the day we took so much from the indigenous peoples, let us remember we are all human beings. Being truly grateful to be alive means caring for one another even when it is inconvenient.

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When Does Political Correctness Go Too Far?

5170211718_903f1f788d_b (1)

Michael Russnow argues that it is folly to judge historic figures by today’s standard of political correctness.

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Are You Concerned or Just Concern-Trolling? A Holiday Guide

concern trolling thanksgiving

You may be concerned, or just expressing loving critique, but it can be pretty harmful. Here’s how you know

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Thoughts on Ending Racial Alienation

alientation (1)

While in France this summer, Bill Eddy took a quiet moment to reflect on racial tension in the U.S., not knowing just how synchronous a location he was feeling inspired by.

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Task 45 Of 52: A Cry For Help

man tears

“Eveything hurts.” – Michelangelo Antonioni

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Should We Allow Syrian Refugees Into Our Country?

Syrian Refugees

Another human rights issue has become a political battleground, but what should we really do?

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What it Means to Be a Man


Michael Colombini on what it means to be a man from the viewpoint of someone who leads them into battle.

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Why Admitting You Were Wrong Makes You a Better Man

Why Admitting by Jan Balaz

If you think it’s not manly, fatherly, or leader-like to own up to being wrong—think again.

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Hello, My Name Is Luay. I Was a Refugee

refugee child

Luay Al Khatteeb can identify with the plight of refugees and with the countries struggling to provide for them. That doesn’t excuse us from helping.

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Sounding Off on ‘Purity’ Parents Who Want to Keep LGBT Information Out of Sex Education


Our schools’ sex education curriculums are, on the most part, woefully out of date. When the Omaha Public School System set out to do something about it, they were besieged by conservative interest groups in a highly offensive way. Rob Watson sounds off about the spectacle that ensued.

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What We Can Learn About the Value of Life From the Paris Attacks


“What we must decide is how we are valuable, rather than how valuable we are.” Edgar Friedenberg

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Are You Judging Charlie Sheen Because He Has HIV?

Are You Judging by Surian Soosay

John Glass looks for the important lessons behind Charlie Sheen’s disclosure that he is HIV-positive.

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The Four Reasons Relationships Fail

The 4 Reasons by Vic

Did you just break up with someone? Chances are, it’s for one (or more) of these four reasons cited by emotional intelligence expert Dr. Travis Bradberry.

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How to Win The War Between Good and Evil

paris attacks1

Raymond Bechard looks at what we must do to look evil in the face and conquer our worst fears.

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52 Weeks To A Better Life Week 44: Wake UP!


“Half the people in American are faking it.” – Robert Mitchum

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