Cris Carter Has a Moment—and It’s a Game-Changer

Cris Carter Has a Moment by Jeff Stinson

Following on Cris Carter’s remarks, Male Survivor founder Christopher J. Anderson tells us what to say to people who are on the fence about using violence to discipline kids.

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Die, Adapt, or Dig: a Master Gardener’s Guide to Thriving

Die Adapt or Dig by Tomi Lattu

Feeling stuck in his life, Chuck Chapman asked a master gardener what it takes for a plant to thrive. The answer holds wisdom for people stuck in toxic environments.

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Father Figure—Zun Lee’s Exploration of Black Fatherhood

Father Figure by Zun Lee

Abandoned by his own father before birth, Zun Lee is out to bust the stereotypes of black fatherhood by showing us a different picture.

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Stop Thinking Like a Perpetrator: 4 Ways to Better Support Survivors of Sexual Violence


Jamie Utt shows us four important ways to abandon perpetrator logic and stop denying the pain of survivors.

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Black Theory

black theory

A short film by Dennis Williams on racism in the media.

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How Ray Rice Shows Society That Domestic Violence Is a Man’s Problem

How Ray Rice Shows by Brian Hillegas

Charles J. Orlando tells us what men need to learn—or rather unlearn—from Ray Rice.

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No, Ray Rice, You’re Not Holding Strong

Ray Rice Holding Strong

Here’s what holding strong really is.

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8 #whyIstayed Tweets That Made Me Feel Safer in Society

8 whyistayed by Global Panorama

The #whyIstayed campaign shows the resilience of survivors and the support within their community. It can also teach others about domestic violence.

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Why Are Most Violent People Male?

brother by fabrizio rinaldi 1329623779_5474461ef2_z resized

Andrew Smiler considers several reasons why violent people are more likely to be male than female.

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Are You Someone Who Just Can’t Be Happy?

Are You Someone Who by Yogesh Matre

Bestselling author, speaker, and success expert Bob Burg lays out the foundation of happiness and reveals the number one trap we set for ourselves that prevents us from achieving it.

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How to Cope on Your Own

How to Cope by Samantha Evans Photgraphy

Sarafina Bianco asks if it’s okay to grieve the loss of your therapist as if he or she were your friend.

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Why the NFL Dropped the Ball on Ray Rice’s Domestic Abuse Case

Why the NFL by Keith Allison

James Michael Sama just watched Ray Rice cold-cock Janay Palmer, and he’s had enough of wrist-slapping, victim-blaming, and justifying when it comes to abuse. Have you?

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Why Should We Care What Phyllis Schlafly Says?


Women could reduce rape and abuse if they’d just stop avoiding marriage. Or so says Phyllis Schlafly. Why should we listen, or care?

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‘Upon stumbling by chance, on a man waist-deep in quicksand, I need a second to process…’

Guante Quicksand

Award winning slam poet Guante with a metaphor for our times. A brilliant spoken word performance of “Quicksand”.

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Bullying: Your Kids Are Keeping Mum


David Kanegis calls for teachers and parents to really play an active role in the prevention and ending of bullying.

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The Street Store Pops Up to Help the Homeless

The Street Store by The Street Store

Pop-ups are popular for restaurants, stores, art exhibits, and the like. But this pop-up helps homeless people, and it’s quickly going viral.

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