Who Do Rape Jokes Affect? Rapists and Survivors


“women do not think all men are rapists. rapists think all men are rapists.”

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Portrait of Jealousy: A Man Accused

Portrait of Jealousy by Terry Moore

Did this man’s roving eyes really ruin the picnic outing, or was it his wife’s jealous nature?

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Top 10 Roadblocks Colleges Are Coming Up Against in the Fight to Prevent Sexual Assault

Detour sign

Is Your University’s Programming Complicit, Compliant, or Comprehensive?

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The Best Gift You Can Give Anyone—and It’s Free!

The Best Gift by Jessie Pearl

You can give generously without spending a penny. Go ahead. Make someone’s day.

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Where Do Black Men Go?

AP file photo

How do we foster a place where we fit? Safe spaces for men of color are urgently needed and Billy Flood wants to know how we’ll get there.

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6 Ways To Have A Better Conversation About Mental Illness


How we can learn from Henry Rollins’ mistakes.

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A Message To Our Boys On How To (Not) Become Men

kelly flanagan kids

Boys are taught to suppress emotion. They are taught to act out aggressively. This is not the way to raise good men.

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When Love Hits That First Jam … and You Didn’t See It Coming

When Love Hits by Thomas Angermann

There’s nothing like a long drive for deep thinking, especially about love. Thomas Fiffer shares his ‘highway insights’ on relationship logjams.

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Why Run From the Cops?

AP Photo/Sid Hastings

Dan Zimmerman knows, as a white man, that he will never fully understand the experiences people of color have with police.

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How Silence Led To 1400 Children Being Sexually Abused

abuse victim head bowed

The authorities and staff entrusted to protect vulnerable people were too scared to do so. Andrew Lawes wants to help you speak out against abuse

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5 Reasons Why Urban Youth Don’t Have Access To STEM (And How You Can Change That)


When it comes to urban youth, we are not providing them with adequate tools for success. Here’s how we can make that change.

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‘Prince Charmless’ Series Explodes Stigmas Against Male Domestic Violence Survivors


Lucia Peters reviews groundbreaking art featuring men’s experiences with domestic violence.

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How to Tell the Difference Between a Boundary and a Threat

How to Tell the Difference by Richard Thomas

Sometimes it’s hard to know if someone is drawing a boundary or making a threat. Thomas Fiffer offers a framework to help make the distinction.

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Racism and Sexual Abuse: Our Silence is Killing Us


Chris Anderson knows it’s scary to talk about tough subjects like racism or sexual abuse. But in calling them out, we start disrupting their systems.

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9 Steps to Negotiating Ethical Non-Monogamy


Randall Horton, on how to negotiate an open relationship with your partner.

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The Dirty Little Secret Behind Statistics About Men

Dirty Little Secret

Scott is a man who represents many widely quoted studies and surveys, but there’s one he would never have shown up on, until now.

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