The Unlikely Origins of Modern Mommy Shaming: The Health Movement of the 1970s


Striving to be an Earth Mother Goddess isn’t particularly liberating. We seem to have replaced Doctor God with an equally demanding deity: Mother Nature.

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It’s Time You Know You Are Enough


A simple act of kindness reminds Cabot O’Callaghan that our inherent value is not to be questioned.

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Why We Should Stop Trying for the Perfect Life Balance


We can set aspirational goals, but Katie Vessel believes life balance is not something we can accomplish.

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Yes, Men’s Studies. You Got a Problem with That?

anatomy exam by quinn dombrowski flickr 4273768718_53b0d6f56a_z

Dr. Andrew Smiler argues that Men’s Studies is necessary and the logical complement to Women’s and LGBTQ Studies.  A few weeks ago, the New York Times pondered “A Master’s Degree in…Masculinity?” The headline itself suggests the NYT is not convinced this is a good idea. Placing the article, written by Jessica Bennett, in the Fashion […]

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Shut Up and Join the Party

Shut Up and Join the Party

We all need to achieve a balance between responsibility, pleasure, and pain—but we get to it from different directions: people on the front lines of the struggle have to keep their heads from going up in flames; privileged people like me have to keep their heads out of the sand.

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Is There a Link Between Homosexuality and Pedophilia?

men holding hands

Though researchers settled this question decades ago, it’s still a popular talking point among religious conservatives.

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Guns Are Devices to Kill

Screen shot 2015-08-30 at 11.24.50 AM

Jim Mitchem grew up around guns, was a marksman in the Air Force, and he has learned one simple truth about guns.

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I Know Owen Labrie


Nathan Graziano realizes he is a part of the culture that created Owen Labrie. We all are.

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Life Sucks Regardless of How Much Privilege You Have

Life Sucks

No life is devoid of struggle and pain. Life sucks regardless of how much privilege you have. But it usually sucks less if you’re privileged.

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A Shooting and Data From Two Dating Sites: What It All Says About The Identities of Men and Women

love online

Inside the Conversation at The Good Men Project.

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I’ll Take It in Black

I'll Take It In Black

Words like “secular” and “religious” aren’t particularly useful when health-nuts and fundamentalists start seeing eye-to-eye.

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Quick Note: ‘Reverse Racism’ Doesn’t Exist


Reverse racism doesn’t exist. Here’s why.

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Why Are Most Violent People Male?

brother by fabrizio rinaldi 1329623779_5474461ef2_z resized

Andrew Smiler considers several reasons why violent people are more likely to be male than female.

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Gay or Straight: 5 Ways Men Struggle With Their Masculinity

Screen shot 2015-08-26 at 11.32.37 AM

Are you with me, brother?

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The Courage To Endure


The choice to find meaning in suffering is one of our greatest opportunities. This requires courage. This requires fortitude. This requires endurance.

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Why the British Air Show Disaster Tells Us it’s Time to Think Differently About War

British Air Show

In the wake of a crash at a British Air Show, Glen Poole wonders about our human propensity to go to war, and the ways in which men have been creating evermore inventive ways both to kill people and save people’s lives.

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