Emotional Abuse: The Invisible Train Wreck

Emotional Abuse by Wystan

So many survivors only recognize emotional abuse in hindsight. Mary Elizabeth Robinson is one of them.

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‘The Greatest’ Deals a Knockout Blow to Racial Stereotypes

The Greatest by NTCNATO

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali was formidable in the ring—but even more so in the talk show guest chair.

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Are You ‘Guardrailing’ Your Partner?

Are You Guardrailing by Lee Cannon

Protecting your “bad driver” partner is one thing. Absorbing the full brunt of each crash is another.

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Can Sex Without Cuddles Be Intimate? A Reader Responds With Poetry

Can Sex Without Cuddles by Thomas Fiffer

A post on a problem in relationships inspires a poem.

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An Unforgettable Father-Daughter Dance

An Unforgettable Father by Kenzie Carey

Watch as this dad takes some extra steps to help his daughter enjoy her dance pageant.

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Fighting the “Department of They”

facebook like on grunge wall

A Saturday morning scroll through Facebook-land turns into a heart-wrenching rant, and a plea for sanity and unity.

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How to Move From Pain to Healing

How to Move From by glasseyes view

Suffering is universal, but how we handle it is not. Thomas Fiffer opens the way to healing through a window in his heart.

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10 Feelings That Imitate Love

Are You in Love or by dresdnhope

Each of these 10 feelings can feel exactly like love. Here’s how to tell whether you’re experiencing the real thing or you’ve just been bewitched.

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Kidnapped… For Christ?

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 8.59.10 AM

Jake Scherzer was incensed to learn about Escuela Caribe, a sort of reprogramming camp for kids that includes physical punishment and humiliation.

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Would You Call the Cops on Your Kid?

Would You Call by Fail Army

A boy is caught bullying, and his father calls the police to teach him a lesson. Is it total overkill or practical parenting?

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All the News Fit for White Men: Why Journalism is Failing America


The way the media is currently set up does not support a diverse population. But that doesn’t mean its future can’t.

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How to Catcall Like a Pro

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 2.30.44 PM

An instructional graphic.

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5 Reasons Why Consent Doesn’t Come Naturally

5 Reasons Why Consent by Brian Moore

Consent should be simple, right? Then why is it so confusing?

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Would You Idolize a Janitor?


What makes a person great? Tommy Raskin opens up a discussion on the treatment of our fellow man.

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Men Recovering From Military Sexual Trauma


Brian Lewis explains how a uniform doesn’t prevent the erasure of male survivors.

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Ending Bullying: Being an UPstander, No Matter Who You Are


Jamie Utt wonders how many people stay silent in the face of bullying, and helps us teach kids to be UPstanders, not bystanders.

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