9 Common Struggles for Adult Children of Alcoholics

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If you’re an adult who grew up in an alcoholic family, some things can’t be outgrown.

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#MoreThanMean Video Proves Guys Can Be Insanely Cruel to Women Writers

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Imagine wishing the worst on a writer because she’s a woman. This is worse than that.

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Are Religious People Mentally Ill?


When religious beliefs are used for antisocial behavior, is it fair to call it mental illness?

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If This Was Your Transgender Child, How Would You Protect Her?

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As men, women, parents, and compassionate and understanding humans, how would you protect her when it comes to the “bathroom debate”?

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Transgendered Bathroom Argument is Actually Complete Bigotry


Rationalizing hate is not the same thing as being right.

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Thank You, 18

Thank You 18 by Shea Huening

Jason Natzke’s love of football is inextricably linked with Peyton Manning.

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The Bearded Lifestyle: Is This a Benchmark for Manliness?


Some men feel facial hair defines their manhood.

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Can Mindfulness Harm Men?

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Mindfulness is loving and compassionate, not something men should fear.

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What Have You Had Enough Of? (Call for Submissions)

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From ads about drugs to zombies, what are we overly saturated with in today’s society?

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Foreskin Wars: Why is the United States so Addicted to Circumcision?

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As the 2012 American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) circumcision policy receives further volleys of grapeshot, a new question arises: Why do we need a policy on circumcision at all?

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DNA Testing: What Makes for a Real Man?


There have been some great discoveries because of DNA. Should determining gender be one of them?

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Manly Men and the Men Who Man Them (Call for Submissions)


Who are the men in your life who have helped make you a better man?

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Tough Guys vs. Real Men: On-Screen and At-Home


Men are no more hard-wired to be one-dimensional, emotionless automatons than women are.

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On the Value of a Moral Mentor


How a coach became the mentor of a lifetime.

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Why The Story Of These Two 4-Year-Olds Meeting On The Beach Is Touching Hearts Everywhere


Get ready for your heart to melt.

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Why is it Easier to Look Out the Window Than in the Mirror?


If you spend more time daydreaming than working on a plan for improvement, there is probably something you are avoiding.

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