“Mad Men” Eulogies: Peggy Olsen


Peggy Olson is smarter.

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“Mad Men” Eulogies: Sally Draper

Sally Draper

Greg Olear says goodbye to Mad Men, and reminds us that Sally Draper is the future.

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“Mad Men” Eulogies: Don Draper


Kurt Baumeister says farewell to “Mad Men” and to Dick Whitman.

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“Mad Men” Eulogies: Megan Draper


Sean Beaudoin deconstructs Jessica Pare, Megan Calvet, and Megan Draper.

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“Mad Men” Eulogies: Betty Draper


Vince Navy waves a dull goodbye to Betty Draper, and the end of the “Mad Men” series.

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“Mad Men” Eulogies: Don’s Bottle


You’ll miss the bad old days, when ad men could not manage the madness they made. A farewell to Mad Men.

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‘Mad Men’ Eulogies: Roger Sterling


Whitney Collins says goodbye to ‘Mad Men’ by remembering the silver fox, the most offensive and still somehow charming member of the Sterling-Cooper team.

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“Mad Men” Eulogies: Pete Campbell


In anticipation of the series finale of “Mad Men”, James Reich examines the love-to-hate character Pete Campbell.

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‘Mad Men’ Eulogies: Joan Holloway


Sean Beaudoin says goodbye to ‘Mad Men’ with a farewell to Joan, and a prediction for her fate in the final series.

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Mad Men Season Finale – It’s All Fun and Games Until They Shoot You In the Face

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 10.33.21 PM

Tom Gualtieri recaps Mad Men Season 6’s finale and insists that it’s time for everyone to take some responsibility.

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The Big Babies of Mad Men, Episode 12

Kenny Cosgrove buckshot, Mad Men Episode 12 Season 6, JD Schraffrenberger, Good Men Project

Don Draper is in the fetal position, Ted Chaough is blinded by love, and the agency is divided: JD Schraffenberger dives into Mad Men, Season 6, Episode 12.

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Details and ‘Favors’ – Mad Men, Episode 11

Ted Chaough, Mad Men Favors, Mad Men Episode 11, Cynthia Hawkins, Mad Men photos, Mad Men episode recap

Cynthia Hawkins looks into the secrets and conspiracy theories behind Mad Men’s 11th episode in Season 6.

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Winter is Coming for Mad Men, Too

Mad Men, Don Draper, Mad Men Los Angeles, Ben tanzer

Ben Tanzer can’t shake the brutal “Red Wedding” episode of Game of Thrones, and wonders whether the end is coming for the old guard of Mad Men, too.

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The Zen of Don Draper’s Frown

Jon Hamm, Mad Men, Don Draper

Jon Hamm’s compassionate sneer manages to capture the Zen koan of Draper’s ambivalent soul.

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Mad Men Episode 9: Is There a Cure For Don Draper’s Sex Addiction?

Mad Men, Season 6 Episode 9 Mad Men, Joanna Schroeder, Mad Men Recap

Joanna Schroeder recaps Episode 9 of Mad Men, and explains the ways in which great television is as much about our own hopes and dreams as it is about the storyline and characters.

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The Child is the Father of the Man – Mad Men, Episode 8

Mad Men Season 6 Episode 8, episode 8 recap, Mad Men, Abigail Rine, Mad Men Recaps, Good Men Project, analysis Mad Men, don draper raped, dick whitman raped

Abigail Rine recaps Mad Men’s Episode 8, where the office gets high on uppers, and it’s revealed that Don Draper’s sex addiction may link back to having been raped as a teenager.

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