Which Celebrity Would You Want To Look Like?


Forget plastic surgery and having to spend six or seven figures on a complete body transmogrification. No, this can be done with a simple wave of your fairy godmother’s wand.

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What’s Your Pick For the Most Essential Holiday Album?


What’s the one holiday album that you could listen to anytime of the year? The one that you think is as important as any other album its creator has ever released?

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What Would You Do If It All Fell Apart and You Had to Start Over?


It’s our Question of the Day: You’ve fallen from grace and lost your reputation. What do you do to start living the life you always wanted, as the man you always knew you could be?

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Who’s Your Favourite Singer Who Can’t Sing?


One of my weirdo hobbies is to try and imitate some of my favourite non-singing singers singing covers they are unlikely to ever perform.

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Would You Go to Prison to Protect Someone Else?


You know they are guilty and it’s only a matter of time before they are sent to prison–where they will almost certainly be irreparably damaged.

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What Do You Do When a Friendship Ends?


To deal with these emotions I think about all the things I have not lost. The friends who remain.

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How Do You Handle Tension and Anger Online?


Thanks to the Internet we can read the temperature in the cultural room far more easily than ever before

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What Childhood Fantasy Are You Glad Never Came True?


I say this because my dominant dream from my youth was pretty frickin’ dark and involved all of you no longer existing.

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What Would You Do If You Were Andrew McCarthy in MANNEQUIN?


Would the love you experience be enough for you to put up with the rest of the world thinking you’re crazy? Or would you have to give up your fantasy for something people can actually believe?

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The First Date Deal Breaker Files Part Nine: Winter Wonderland


There in the corner is an enormous elaborately decorated Christmas tree sitting beside an equally elaborate nativity scene constructed using department store mannequins.

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What Would You Be the God Of?


You can totally be the God of Air Conditioning or the God of Easy Listening Music if that’s what you’re into.

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Have You Ever Trolled? I Have.


It’s a weird sensation finding out that anonymous strangers don’t like you.

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What Has Been Your Worst Experience With the Law?


It’s pretty easy to understand why so many people are very, very, very upset right now. Tell us about your worst experiences with the law. Let’s make this personal.

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When Does a Band Cease to Be a Band?


At what point does a musical group become a cover band version of itself?

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What Would You Do If You Knew When You Would Have Your Last Orgasm?


Do you do anything with this information? Do you treat that day like any other? Do you dread its arrival? Do you celebrate with a party?

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Robot or Zombie Pets–YOU MUST CHOOSE!


The choice comes to house-friendly robots that seem more like toys than animals and smelly, living dead zombie pets that love you almost as much as they love eating live rats.

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