Do You Like It When Random Strangers Approach You?

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I understand how “Have a nice day” can cause just as much anxiety as the dude who screamed and jumped out at me just a few Saturdays back.

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What’s Your Fave One Hit Wonder?

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I have genuine reverence for these figures who managed to make us happy for a brief period–a gift not to be taken at all lightly.

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The Co-Worker Conundrum


Besides the raise, the only difference is that you know for a fact that you LOATH the people you’ll be working with.

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Question of the Day: Is Love a Force or is it a Choice?

the notebook

How do you fall in love?

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What Was Your Favourite Movie When You Were 10?


One of mine was a movie of inherent and undeniable cheesiness, but the exact kind of sincerely dumb cheesiness that I still adore to this day.

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Public or Private Transportation–You Must Choose!


You can either have a lifetime pass for all public transportation or your own luxury car, but there are strings attached, so think about it first.

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An Artist and a Critic are Fighting. Which One Are You More Likely to Cheer For?


Right now, there’s a weird antagonism between these two sides that seems at odds with what we would assume is their mutual co-dependance.

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Are You Good At Being Deferent?


xoJane’s Mandy Stadtmiller has got me thinking about who we show respect to and why.

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Cultural Breakdown Part One–Taking Care of an Important Family Matter

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Here was an outsider people seemed to love, while I was one everyone seemed to barely tolerate.

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What Song Do You Want Them To Play At Your Funeral?


I’ve decided that my funeral will DEFINITELY be a failure if at no point do we hear The Artist explain to everyone present that “This is what it sounds like When Doves Cry.”

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What’s Your Favourite YouTube Video?

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I know yours can’t be as good as my favourite, but I’d still love to hear about it!

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How Much For Your Kidney?


Someone opens up a briefcase full of cash and tells you, it’s yours. All you have to do is give up one of your kidneys. How much money does that briefcase have to have in it for you to say, “Okay!”?

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What’s Your Favourite PRINCESS BRIDE Moment? (Featuring Cary Elwes)


“Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to DIE!”

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What #1 Hit Song Were You Born Under?


Turns out I was born in a pretty uncool year for music.

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Would You Buy a Bed If You Knew For Sure You Were Going to Die In It Someday?


The vision doesn’t tell you WHEN you’re going to die. The only thing you know for SURE is that if you buy this bed you are definitely going to die in it someday.

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Are You Pet Flexible?


I am bipetual. I swing both ways.

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