“As an introduction to manhood I would tell boys: the pain you feel matters.”

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  1. Excellent articles. Thank you.

  2. Comment of the Day from a Comment of the Day post?


  3. Is this where I should come up with something profound to take it even one level deeper…:)

    I’ll just keep it simple:

    Your consent is just as important.

  4. Mr Supertypo says:

    good job Eagle.

  5. I just think it’s plain common sense.

    Every human being who’s hurt deserves a place of support and mentorship. No matter the gender.

    Unfortunatly, society keeps on trucking with its “Women have it worse” mentality.

    • Agreed.

      Yes the pain they feel matters. I think one major problem that I’ve seen when it comes to acknowledging pain is that people are in too much of a rush to compartmentalize, categorize, and otherwise limit the pain that guys feel.

      A guy talks about being raped and there is a rush to declare that since he has male privilege it’s not as bad as what women go through.

      A guy talks about being shamed over his body shape and there is a rush to declare that since he is not a woman it’s not as bad.

      A guy talks about having past pains ignored and there is a rush to declare that since he is a guy the real source of his pain is he’s mad over losing male privilege.

      If people would quit trying to limit the scope of a male’s pain (or trying to tell him what his pain means rather than trying to get him to speak up about it) we’d all be better off.

    • Peter von Maidenberg says:

      It’s not as common sense for men. In our society, men who seek help are pussies and losers for failing to face the real world. You “shut up and deal” – meaning you take no action outside your own head, and if you have to fail to keep that code, you fail and learn some lesson no one will specify. Being a man means blaming the victim, especially when you’re the victim.

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