9 Things You Never Thought They’d Do With Bacon

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JJ Vincent is a 39-year-old guy who lives in north Alabama...by choice. He is a graphic designer and multi-crafter who is equally fond of knitting and NASCAR and bakes wicked good chocolate chip cookies.


  1. Neil Smith says:

    So – not much good news here for vegan and vegetarian potential good men! Not much good news for pigs either, most of whom are treated appallingly in the name of our bacon fad. What about a more general thought about why we can see how suffering affects humans but turn a blind eye to how our lifestyles depend on so much suffering for other creatures?

  2. Oops, I thought I was on Buzzfeed. How did this article end up on this website?

  3. I’ll throw you some positivity. This made me very hungry and inspired to definitely order something bacon-related for lunch today.


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