Three Rules for Parenting the Adult Teen

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David Stanley is a voice-over artist and writer. Musician, teacher & science geek. Coach, skier and bike racer. "I call it curiosity, my wife calls it ADD, but I find nearly everything interesting. My son is 20 and still needs his Dad. I am 54 and so do I. On Twitter, I’m @DStan58. I blog on the oddities of life, sports, kids and education at"


  1. This seems like good advice, too often easily forgotten.

    Have you ever had to deal with one of your kids being completely disrespectful, unappreciative and just downright rotten? I have, it’s sucks.

    • Patrick, Indeed I have. My son and I have had the same moments that every parent/child have had. My tactic was usually the same (except for the time I really lost it and so scared the crap out of the kid that he shocked into a semblance of good behavior) – I would separate us. I would tell him that I don’t tolerate that behavior from anyone, and he needed to leave the room. I once started to pitch the tent in the backyard. Kid asked why- I told him that next time he pitched a fit, he was welcome to move out. That worked for a few weeks. I would recommend you check out Ross Greene. His work with explosive and antisocial kids is exceptional. -”Center for collaborative problem solving” and “Lives in the” His stuff was a great help to me when my son was going one of his volatile periods. Trust me, these pieces I write – I draw heavily on my family experience.

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