100 Words on Love: Saying Nothing


100 Words on Love, by Stephen Michell


She’d ask me what I was thinking and I’d have to say nothing, because it was too early for us to say the other thing. If you say it too quickly you risk not really meaning it. So you say it in some other way.

– What are you thinking?

– Nothing.

Our eyes locked. All around us the world turns over. She takes a breath like it’s a shiver.

– What are we going to do? she asks, and she means it.

– Just this.


Our own blend of everything, and I know I mean it too.



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Photo: courtesy of the author


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About Stephen Michell

Stephen Michell is an emerging Canadian writer, living and working in Toronto. More of his writing can be found at http://stephenmichell.wordpress.com


  1. …the Sweetest of Nothings…

  2. This happened to me once in 1977. I saw her for a three summers and we lost contact. I never experienced it again because I was too afraid.

  3. Joanna Schroeder says:

    This is really just the perfect embodiment of what we wanted for this series.


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