Loving Black Men: A Personal History

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About Johnathan Fields

Johnathan Fields is a twenty-something, queer Italian-American writer and activist living in New York City. Born and raised in Chicago, he earned his Bachelor of Arts in African & Black Diaspora Studies and Philosophy from DePaul University. Johnathan has written for the Huffington Post, Windy City Times, Racialicious, unpacking the ways race and racism influence popular culture and our daily lives. He currently works for the Applied Research Center and tweets @JohnnyGolightly.


  1. Johnathan,

    Thank you. Thank You. Thank You. If you are using bell hooks, James Baldwin and Marlon Riggs as tools for loving and decolonizing your mind there is no way that you won’t become a better man and human being. Loving anyone is difficult. Loving across race/cultural and class lines presents its own set of challenges.

  2. I have no problem dating accross races, but I find a lot of surprise when I say I ‘m attracted to vanilla as much as chocolate or caramel (i love these images). Many of my folks and friends are pretty narrowed down to their own race.
    My question is : do yo feel it’s wrong not being attracted to other races? And if yes how can someone like me help another person to challenge their beliefs?

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