Now Brewing: A Perfect Storm

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Cameron Conaway, Executive Editor at The Good Men Project, is a former MMA fighter and an award-winning poet. He is the author of Caged: Memoirs of a Cage-Fighting Poet, Bonemeal: Poems and Until You Make the Shore. Conaway is on the Editorial Board at Slavery Today. Follow him on Google+ and on Twitter: @CameronConaway.


  1. Excellent piece, Cameron. Thanks for signaling the alarm….I hope my (former) homeland and the world over will hear it.

  2. Thanks for the note, Singlan! We’re hoping for the same.


  3. visayan forum!! the most corrupt ngo in the philipines!
    they have a pulse in their pockets!! for US tax payers AID money!!

  4. Dear Pau,

    I’m glad you brought that up. They’ve had some problems recently, but I’ve met far too many of their amazing workers and I’ve watched them do far too much good all throughout the Philippines to believe they have some sort of widespread scheme going on. Most corrupt NGO in the Philippines? To quote Vice President Biden: “With all due respect, that’s a bunch of malarkey.”


  5. can u tell me of any other ngo in the philippines who have corrupted away nearly 100 million pesos!! usaid and the us government would not file charges without a water tight case… us tax payers are rightly annoyed! all those supporting this organsiation we will proven so wrong!

    so i think your last comment is a bunch of malarky!!

  6. all british funding to this org has been stopped! enough said

  7. Dear Pau,

    (1) “US Tax payers are rightly annoyed.” Of course they are. Americans in general hate taxes of all kinds – our politicians can’t even talk about raising them or they won’t get elected, especially if it has anything to do with helping people outside of America.

    (2) “all british funding to this org has been stopped.” As they should have. The money needed to be listed as funding and they’ve got some work to do with financial transparency and bookkeeping. But money isn’t everything when it comes to corruption – especially with the php to dollar difference and especially with the good they’ve done. I believe much of the money they didn’t cite was likely used to fight trafficking and pay their human trafficking investigators. In any case, at most I see this as perhaps a few bad apples in an otherwise awesome group of people.

    We’ll see what happens. Either way, I’m glad you’re up on this issue. So few people are.


  8. i agree…:)

    of course 96 million pesos is a huge amount especially for an NGO.
    obviously the buck stops with the exec director who comes across as a humble quiet woman but this really is just an act…. as the media has picked up on.

    the law with do its course, but a guilty verdict will see the end of visayan forum and thier licensing removed. anyway lots of other great orgs around anyway.

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