Simple Strategies for Building Self-Esteem

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About Christin Myrick

Christin Myrick is Men’s Coach and Writer with international clientele. She works with good guys who want to be better men and assists them to better understand themselves and their authentic masculinity.
Christin doesn’t have any snazzy credentials (in the traditional sense) except for her life, connections and the inspiring experiences that shaped her. She thinks it is important that you know she is an adamant believer in the power of compassion as well as in all the delight that is pink frosting.


  1. Thanks for this powerful and inspirational article. I have struggled with depression and self esteem issues all my life, from a pattern of both physical abuse by my mother as a child, and emotional abuse by her as a teenager. I’m putting all my heart and mind into getting rid of my mother’s voice echoing in my head, and your article here is helpful and inspirational. I am adopting Buddhism as my primary spiritual practice, and so much of what you say here is a natural part of Buddhist practice. I am learning the best way to love myself is by doing acts of loving kindness for those I love, and those around me. Thank you for your affirmation of my believe in the power of compassion and loving kindness.

    • Hi Pauly,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate your openness and honesty.

      One of my favorite mentors relies heavily on Buddhist practice and taught me to do the same. She is constantly telling me to “be with what is”, which was annoying at first when ‘what is’ was pain, grief and shame! But I am finding, like you have said, that only by being with those voices and the criticisms, by listening to the deepest, darkest parts of our selves, can we truly be free.

      I salute you, a brother on these travels, for loving your self and showing kindness and compassion to your body and mind. This is what alters and altogether stops the cycles of abuse that pass down through the generations.

      Thank you for your path ~ Christin

      • Thanks for your response. That’s exactly what I’m going through. Not easy, but I’m already finding it’s well worth it.

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