The First Date is the Weirdest

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About N. C. Harrison

NC Harrison is a son, seminarian, strongman and brother, sometimes but not always in that order. He received his Master of Divinity in July 2013 and now wonders if he is ready to make his way in the world. He would mostly like people to remember his smoked shoulder, barbecued ribs and char-broiled burgers.


  1. The first one was not a “sweet, harmless eccentric” she was exhibiting signs of acute mental illness. Just to be clear.

    • N.C. Harrison says:

      If you insist, doctor. Given that I was not and am not her therapist, counselor, prescribing psychologist or physician I didn’t feel comfortable attaching such a… harsh… label to my date. Plus, of course, I was nineteen when the date took place and nineteen year olds don’t often think in those terms. Or they didn’t when I was nineteen. My personal theory of counseling, which is now a factor of where and how I was trained, also advises against pathologizing every little thing–even if it isn’t exactly what I or the societal mainstream would consider “normal” unless it is causing harm. People do all kinds of funny stuff; they don’t all need treatment for all of it.

      • Yea… sounds more like she was high or drunk with friends and decided to have fun at your expense. I wouldn’t call her mentally unstable.

        • N.C. Harrison says:

          She was definitely high… she usually was, throughout out friendship previous to the date and afterward since we didn’t go out with each other again but did stay friends. Not my kind of girlfriend but a pretty good friend for a long while. Plus a good artist with an amazing, amazing tattoo.

          • Nah NC these folks just haven’t been around. In the late 80′s I got in the habit of dating women with bad eyes who squinted at me… eventually I found out they were “examining my aura”. So I got in the habit of keeping a light behind me…

  2. I love first dates…I have had over 100 in the past 3 years ;-) Thinking about it it is not really that many. I have gotten to understand men better after those and also to realize how judgmental we can be. I have had men that were so biased that they already had figured me out – for them all women were crazy and they were determined to prove I was as well. Then the ones on a rebound, then the ones who wanted instant sexual gratification, etc. etc. I am grateful to all of them because I have learned to express my feelings, to have healthy boundaries and to appreciate the moment for what it is without thinking something has to come out of it. Not every one who goes out to dinner with you has to end up with you. Maybe the are messengers for you to get closer to find yourself; that is how I see it now.

    I am taking a break though, and I don’t know if I want more first dates or if I want dates at all. I like dating myself for now and letting strangers approach me on my “solitary” adventures. But I would not be able to be on my own at a restaurant or any place were being with company is expected, if it wasn’t for so many first dates.

  3. Your getting dumped for the color of an aura is golden (much like the aura you don’t have…sorry to be insensitive).

    • N.C. Harrison says:

      Don’t forget that it had to be triangular, too. She never mentioned what shape mine was. I forgot to ask and have been curious for ages.

      • Haha…this was a funny read. I did a legitimate LOL several times. Awkward dating stories are one of my favorite things.

  4. N.C. Harrison says:

    Ah, man, whenever I finally sit down to write a book it will probably be one of awkward dating stories. I’ve got a talent for picking em.

  5. I remember one first date where I went out with a high school theater teacher, who at the time, was about 10 years older then myself. We went to a cafe with just some light fare and drinks. On the first date he told me that he was recruited to direct a porno but decided it was probably a bad idea considering his real profession but how he had wanted to do it. The date was pretty much dead from there for me. I remember walking along the sidewalk after our meal where there were a lot of restaurants with outdoor seating and lots of young people my age. I should have never picked someone so much older, no matter how mature a girl thinks she is. Plus I totally should have been more weary of a 30 year old high school teacher wanting to date someone, me, that was only two years out of high school herself and looked about 16 anyway. Hindsight is 20/20. We got a lot of stares walking down the sidewalk since I looked young for my age and he looked old for his. It was just a creepy date and everytime I think about it my face scrunches up.


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