Brad Pitt and Me: Armed Liberals

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  1. What I don’t understand is how you used statistics to dismiss the arguments against ownership, but cite no statistics that support gun ownership for self defence (fun is a valid reason for gun ownership, but you’re clear that the loaded pistol in your desk is not there for fun). I don’t keep a loaded gun in my house for the same reason I don’t have a fall-out shelter in my basement; the likelihood of needing one to defend myself is infinitesimal, and the odds of successfully doing so are even smaller.

  2. Regardless of details of rationale Noah, this is genuinely the first time I’ve read “Liberal” and “Gun Owner” together in the same descriptor.

    BTW: Sweet little Colt!

  3. The gun is an extra choice for when someone has decided to take all of my other ones away. You can’t ever fully control another human, and one who has decided something is worth putting both our lives on the line and maybe not even to see me as a person? A choice I wouldn’t have otherwise, no matter how crummy.

    The problem with stats on guns for self-defense is that what few studies there are, are crappy. Ownership is an easy thing to measure and correlate; defensive situations in which someone fired and someone was kiled are doable; situations in which someone saw the gun and decided it wasn’t worth it? Not amenable to statistics.

  4. With regard to Plan A (civilization) and Plan B (shooting first, asking questions later), I have two points:

    1). You’re spot on in your observation that there are some people (I’m tempted to make a 46% joke here) who have a boner for Plan B.

    2). I’m a fan of Plan A, too, and I like having a Plan B.

    The problem is: there a 9 billion people in the world. Without fossil fuels, we have the capacity to feed about 1/8th of that.

    So: if Plan A fails, 8 out of 9 people are gonna die, full stop. Some will die quickly (gunshot), some will die slowly (starvation, dehydration). And if Plan A fails, the well-behaved people around us will be distinctly less well-behaved.

    The problem is, I can’t exactly justify my existence over anyone else’s. I’m most likely not the fittest (I am neither a natural winner nor a survivor), nor do I have any belief that my life has value over anyone else’s.

    So, personally? If Plan A fails, I’d like a gun around for just one purpose: putting a bullet through my own brainstem.

  5. Kurt,
    Do you support insurance? It’s not something you purchase after you need it. Neither are guns, they are insurance against a bad day.


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