The Ultimate Paper Airplane in Flight (and How to Make It) [Video]

Most of us wasted plenty of class time making paper airplanes. JJ Vincent found one that leaves those behind.


If you were anything like me, you spent plenty of time and paper trying to make the utimate flying machine, probably to the annoyance of your classmates, teachers, siblings, cat, dog.

But if you’d made this one, they’d probably still be in awe. Good news: this video has the instructions. From the guy who designed it.

And please, clean up after yourselves. Because that’s cool, too.

paper airplanes

If you make one, we want to see it! Follow us on Twitter @goodmenproject and post a pic with #gmptimetoplay!

If you fly it, take a video and email moi,! We may add it to our Youtube page!

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About JJ Vincent

JJ Vincent is a 40-something guy who lives in north Alabama with his two partners and their three dogs, five cats, and a hamster. He's a graphic designer, copyeditor, and polycrafter who is equally fond of knitting and NASCAR and gleefully surrounds himself with pink sparkly things.


  1. Making one with my son in 5-4-3-2-1…

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