Gay Twins Share How They Came Out…To Each Other

 These twins are gay, but spent most of their youth afraid to come out out to the people they loved the most…each other.


People assume that twins share everything. These two shared a secret, but they were too afraid of losing one another to tell. And then there was that cruise.



gaw twins photo 1


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  1. I’m in the military and hid this secret for a long time. I still don’t advertise, it isn’t their business what happens in my home. But I can relate to these guys about the fear of telling the one that you love (my mom) that you are gay, but once you have done that (hopefully) you will get a positive and supporting response/reaction (some don’t – I wished I could be there for the thousands who don’t).

    I have lost friends and family over this but it’s my life and it is your life live it, be it. But don’t let anyone ever take anything away from you.


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