Alyssa Rosenberg Cites GMP in Her Insightful TV Roundup

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  1. And thank goodness GMP is one of the places where this exploration can happen without it turning into a pastor pulpit for preaching at men!!!

    • Amen (he said ironically). For too long, discussions about gender issues were dominated and directed by the female perspective, with men given the option to “shut up and support us, or get out.”

      Glad to see that alternatives like TGMP exist.

  2. I won’t get into the title of the Rosenberg piece, but I’ll just note the blind spot she apparently have when she describes the scene where Louie receives oral sex from Laurie (Melissa Leo) as Laurie demanding oral sex in return and Louie considering the one-sidedness of his expectations. Laurie’s behaviour is whitewashed by Rosenberg in this article. So that part I would certainly not consider “insightful”.

    The scene clearly depicts a violent rape of Louie by Laurie as can be seen from the 4:40 mark in this clip:

    Laurie tries to convince Louie to return the oral sex, he won’t do it. Laurie increases the verbal harassment of him (accuses him of being gay and so on) when she suddenly sucker-punch him on the head hard enough that his head breaks the car window, she climbs on top of him and grabs his finger and threaten to break it if he doesn’t lick her. Scene zoom out to reveal the car rocking.

    Alyssa Rosenberg write this about this scene in another article:

    I found myself cheering for her ideas, even though Laurie is awful. She’s aggressive and violent, at one point threatening to break Louie’s finger, at another, bouncing his head off her passenger-side window. And Laurie’s emotionally nasty, too, implying that Louie is gay because he won’t reciprocate sexually. But even if she’s hard to identify with, even if her behavior is embarrassing or horrifying, even if I felt physically uncomfortable watching C.K. give in to her demands, there’s something powerful about the way this episode of Louie threw every possible objection at Laurie, made her as unsympathetic a spokeswoman as possible, and acknowledged that she was right anyway.

    I get the distinct impression that Rosenberg thinks the Louie character had it coming. The important bit for Rosenberg is that oral sex should be returned – the “do not force someone into having sex” came second.

    Another article:

    “Where are the gentlemen?? What is wrong with this country? OBAMA,” she growls just moments before bashing Louie’s head into the truck window and forcing herself on him. You might call this sexual assault, or perhaps date rape.

    Might call this sexual assault, or perhaps date rape? I wonder what her standards for something being sexual assault is – although I begin to suspect that the genders of the people involved play a role.

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